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13 Ways To Fix OnePlus Open Freezing and Rebooting

This article provides tested and proven solutions to fix OnePlus Open stuttering, lags, and freezing, ensuring a smoother user experience.

How to Fix OnePlus Open Freezing and Rebooting

Here are the best solutions to fix OnePlus open freezing and rebooting.

1. Uninstall Malware Apps. Malicious apps often disguise themselves, so check for hidden apps in the app list and remove them to enhance device security.

Navigate to Settings > Apps > App management. Identify and uninstall apps with no icon or name.

2. Clear Cache Data. Corrupted cache data can lead to performance issues; clearing it ensures smoother app operation.

Go to Settings > About phone > Storage > Apps. Clear cache for all apps.

3. Disable Unnecessary Background Apps. Closing background apps optimizes memory usage, preventing them from affecting foreground tasks.

Swipe up from the bottom to access recent apps. Swipe away the app card that you want to close. Open Settings > Additional settings > Process manager > End All.

4. Keep Your OnePlus Open Updated. Regular updates provide performance improvements and bug fixes, ensuring optimal device operation.

Go to Settings > About phone > OxygenOS > Check for updates > Download and install.

5. Free Up Storage Space. Low storage affects read/write speeds; freeing up space enhances device performance.

Go to Settings > About device > Storage. Delete unnecessary files or upload data to cloud storage.

6. Restart Your Phone. A simple restart refreshes the device, resolving minor glitches that contribute to freezing and rebooting.

Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. Drag the slider to restart.

7. Check for App Updates. Keeping apps updated ensures compatibility and avoids performance issues.

Go to Google Play Store > Profile > Manage apps and device > See details > Update all.

8. Turn On High-Performance Mode. High-Performance Mode utilizes the full power of the processor, enhancing overall device performance.

Go to Settings > Battery > Advanced settings > High Performance Mode.

9. Adjust Animation Settings. Adjusting animation settings improves device responsiveness and smoothness during navigation.

Go to Settings > About device > Tap Build number 7 times > Additional settings > Developer options > Animation scale > Set all to 0.5x.

10. Let Your Phone Cool Down. Avoid using the phone while charging. Allow the device to cool if it overheats.

11. Check Network Stability. Stable internet is crucial for app and game performance; ensuring network stability prevents lags. Check and restart router if needed.

12. Factory Reset Your Phone. A factory reset clears any persistent software issues, returning the device to default settings.

Go to Settings > Additional settings > Back up and reset > Reset phone > Erase all data.

13. Seek Assistance from OnePlus Support. If software fixes fail, professional assistance can help diagnose and resolve potential hardware problems. Contact OnePlus Support for hardware issues or further assistance.


How to prevent lags on the OnePlus Open?

Regularly check for updates and avoid overheating; uninstall suspicious apps.

How does overheating affect performance?

Overheating can cause throttling and performance issues.

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