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9 Ways To Fix OnePlus Open Black Screen Issue

This guide provides tested and proven solutions to fix OnePlus Open black screen issue.

How To Fix OnePlus Open Black Screen

Here are the best solutions to fix OnePlus Open black screen issue.

1. Soft Restart and Force Reboot. Simple yet effective, these restarts can clear temporary software glitches.

Soft Restart: Press and hold the Power button until the “Power off” option appears. Tap it to shut down and then press Power again to turn on.

Force Reboot: Hold the Power button for 10 seconds until the logo appears. This forcefully reboots the phone.

2. Charge Your Phone. Black screens can often be due to low battery. Plug your phone into the charger for at least 30 minutes using the official adapter and cable.

3. Re-calibrate Your Battery. If the battery indicator seems inaccurate, consider draining the battery completely and then charging it to 100% while the phone is idle. This can help reset the battery calibration.

4. Try a Different Charger. A faulty charger could be the culprit. Swap to a different charger and cable to see if the issue persists.

5. Check for Physical or Liquid Damage. Inspect the phone for cracks, dents, or water damage indicators. Any signs of physical or liquid damage might require professional repair.

6. Identify and Remove Problematic Apps. Certain apps can conflict with the system, causing black screens. Uninstall any recently installed apps or boot into Safe Mode to isolate the culprit.

7. Update Your Software. Outdated software can introduce bugs. Check for and install any available software updates to ensure your phone is running the latest version.

8. Perform a Factory Reset. This erases all your data and settings, so back up everything beforehand.

You can Factory Reset two ways.

  • Settings Method: Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Back up and reset > Reset phone > Erase all data > Confirm with password.
  • Recovery Menu Method. Power off the phone, hold Power and Volume Down, choose English, select Wipe Data and Cache > Erase everything > Reboot.

9. Contact OnePlus Support. If none of the above solutions work, seek professional help. Contact OnePlus support or visit an authorized service center for further diagnosis and repair.

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