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12 Ways to Fix Netflix Screen Flicker Issue [Solved]

Wondering how to fix Netflix Screen Flicker issue

Yes, you are at the right place to learn about how to fix Netflix Screen Flickering.

Many users have reported a strange issue when watching videos on Netflix. When using the Netflix app in full-screen mode, the screen will occasionally flicker and go black for a few seconds, then back to the video. Sometimes during playback, this would happen every 10 seconds.

The flicker on Netflix occurs only in full-screen mode; it does not occur when the browser is used in small-screen mode.

In this guide, we are going to look at the following different ways to fix the Netflix screen flickering issue:

1. Turn on Automatic Graphics Switching settings

2. Turn off Shake Mouse pointer settings

3. Turn off Automatically Adjust Brightness

4. Turn on Battery Optimization for Video Stream

5. Use Firefox

6. Update the Macbook

7. Netflix Server Status

8. Switch Browser

9. Disable Browser Plugins

10. Update GPU Drivers

11. Roll Back GPU Drivers

12. Wait before updating Operating System

We will discuss each of these in detail below.

Turn on Automatic Graphics Switching settings

The MacBook Pro has two graphics cards, and it can switch between them to conserve battery life.

The problem can be solved by going to System Settings and selecting Energy Savings.

There is a checkbox called “Automatic Graphics Switching” that is enabled by default. When you untick the checkbox, the flickering will stop.

Turn on Automatic Graphics Switching settings

Turn off Shake Mouse pointer settings

Many Macbook users have reported that disabling the “shake mouse cursor to locate” option in Accessibility solves the problem and the screen no longer flickers.

Go to “System Preferences”.

Then select “Availability”.

Tap on “Screen.”

Click the “Cursor” and turn the check box for shaking the cursor to find it OFF or ON.

Turn off Shake Mouse pointer settings

Turn off Automatically Adjust Brightness

Automatically Adjust Brightness

Turning off “Automatic Adjust Brightness” is another technique to fix Netflix screen flicker. Netflix’s flicker problem will be resolved as a result of this.

To disable ‘Automatically adjust brightness’, go to “System Preferences,” then click on “Displays.”

Turn on Battery optimization for Video Stream

There is another Mac battery setting that may help with the Netflix screen flicker issue. To access and turn on battery optimization for video streaming, go to System Preferences.

Then click on “Battery.”

In the battery settings, enable optimize video streaming while on battery.

Turn on Battery optimization for Video Stream

Use Firefox

As the issue is with Chrome and Safari browsers, there is another way to watch Netflix series on the Mac without screen flickering. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t caused by the Firefox browser. Please try streaming Netflix on your MacBook using the Firefox browser; the screen should not flicker.

Update the Macbook

Also, attempt to keep your Macbook updated to the most recent OS version available since this will resolve any other software issues.

1. To shut down your Mac, go to the Apple menu, then click on Shutdown. 

2. Update your Mac’s operating system.

3. The System Management Controller should be reset (SMC).

4. Reset the PRAM (Programmable Random Access Memory) (or NVRAM).

Netflix Server Status

Netflix is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. There is no server in the world that can guarantee 100% uptime. 

Although Amazon Web Services has a sophisticated infrastructure, it cannot guarantee 100 percent uptime. 

Let me show you how to use your browser to check Netflix’s server status.

1. Open any mobile/desktop browser.

2. Go to the official Netflix server status page.

3. The webpage should have “Netflix is up! We are not currently experiencing an interruption to our streaming service” on the screen.

Netflix Down

If you notice a server problem, you should wait for Netflix to resolve it. We are unable to resolve the AWS server issues because they are beyond our control.

Switch Browser

For Mac users, Safari is the default browser, whereas, for Windows users, Chrome is the default browser. Consider switching to a different browser, such as Firefox.

Edge, Brave, and other comparable browsers should be avoided. They’re all based on the Chromium project, which means they’re all written in Chrome. 

Firefox Browser

Try Firefox, which is an open-source project that stands for privacy. Don’t worry about biased ideas because we’re linked with or sponsored by Mozilla.

Disable browser plugins

If you have a few browser plugins or add-ons loaded, and they that might be contributing to the Netflix screen flickering issue, disable the browser’s plugins and watch the video in the built-in media player.

Follow the below steps to disable plugins on your browser.

1. Open your primary browser.

2. Click on the three-dot setting from the top right corner.

3. Choose “Extensions” from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on “Manage Extensions” from the drop-down menu.

5. Disable all extensions or add-ons from the browser.

6. Close the browser, and relaunch it.

Play the Netflix video in the browser and check whether the screen-flickering issue is resolved or not. If the Netflix screen flickering issue is not resolved, follow the next method.

Update GPU Drivers

The flickering on your Netflix screen might also occur if your GPU drivers are outdated. You can download the latest graphics driver from the official website.

Roll Back GPU Drivers

If you are using Windows 11 or earlier versions, then rolling back GPU drivers might fix the Netflix screen flickering issue.

It’s a good alternative for users, who don’t have a high-speed internet connection or have limited bandwidth.

Follow the below steps to roll back drivers in Windows 11 or earlier versions.

1. Open “Device Manager” from the search bar.

2. Click to view the “Display adapters” from the devices.

3. Choose the display adapter and right-click to view the options.

4. Click on “Properties” from the list.

5. Click on “Driver” from the top menu.

6. Click on the “Roll Back Driver” button.

7. Choose a reason and click on “Yes” to continue.

The graphics driver on your Windows PC has been rolled back.

Wait before updating Operating System

Every year, Apple and Windows release new versions of their OS. It is advisable to wait for sometimes, before installing these updates.

Sometimes, updating the operating system might also cause the Netflix screen flickering issue.


What is causing the Netflix screen flickering Issue?
Following are some of the causes of Netflix screen flickering issue.

1. Malware/Threat
2. Unsupported Browser
3. Power Limitations
4. GPU Conflicts
5. Account Limitations
6. Operating System Bugs
7. Dedicated Graphics Card

Wrapping Up

Hope you got an idea about how to fix the Netflix screen flicker.

In this guide, we have looked at different methods to fix the Netflix screen flickering problem and various causes of the Netflix screen flicker/flashing issue.

Kindly let us know if you have any queries.

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