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[Latest Updates] Helldivers 2 Major Order Progress Not Showing Issue

Major Orders in Helldivers 2 are overarching objectives necessitating collaboration among all players.

Unlike individual missions, they focus on defending or liberating entire planets within a specific timeframe.

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Successfully completing missions contributes to the overall Major Order progress, aiming to achieve the objective before time expires.

Why Major Order Progress Is Not Tracking

Tracking Major Order progress can be problematic due to several factors:

Community-wide Nature: Major Orders depend on collective player actions, making individual progress less evident.

Limited Tracking Mechanisms: The game’s interface lack clear indicators of Major Order progress, leaving players uncertain about their contributions.

Lack of In-Game Explanation: Helldivers 2 may not adequately clarify Major Orders’ community-wide nature. New players might struggle to differentiate between missions, operations, and Major Orders, leading to confusion about contributing to objectives.

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