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How To Fix Lethal Company Auto Sprinting Issue

This guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you fix Lethal Company auto sprinting Issue.

Why Lethal Company Auto Sprinting Issue Occurs?

The Lethal Company auto-sprinting issue can pop up for a variety of reasons, including the following.

1. Temporary glitches. Sometimes, a simple computer restart can resolve these temporary issues.

2. Corrupted game files. Missing or corrupted game files can lead to unexpected errors.

3. Outdated game version. Ensure you have the latest Lethal Company update installed.

4. Software interference. Antivirus or firewall software might be blocking the game’s functionality.

5. Administrative access issues. Running Lethal Company as an administrator can grant necessary permissions.

6. Steam Overlay conflicts. Disabling the Steam Overlay can sometimes prevent interference.

How To Fix Lethal Company Auto Sprinting Issue

Follow these steps to fix lethal company auto sprinting issue.

1. Use the -nojoy launch option. Resolve the auto-sprinting issue by disabling joystick support. Follow these steps:

  •  Right-click the game in your Steam library, select Properties.
  •  Click Set Launch Options.
  •  Enter “-nojoy” (without quotes) and click OK.
  •  Launch the game to check for a resolution.

2. Check for stuck keys. Ensure a smooth gameplay experience by checking for stuck keys on your keyboard or controller.

  • Inspect your keyboard or controller for stuck keys or buttons.
  • Gently press and release any identified stuck keys.
  • Test the game to confirm if the auto-sprinting issue persists.

3. Update your drivers. Keep drivers up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues.

  • Open Device Manager, expand Display adapters.
  • Right-click on your graphics card, select Update driver.
  • Follow on-screen instructions for graphics and other driver updates.
  • Test the game for any improvements.

4. Run the game as an administrator. Enhance permissions and access by running the game as an administrator.

  • Locate the game’s executable file in the installation folder.
  • Right-click, select Properties.
  • Visit the Compatibility tab, check Run this program as an administrator.
  • Apply and test the game for changes.

5. Alt-Tab. A quick fix reported by some players.

  • In-game, press Alt-Tab to switch to another window.
  • After a few seconds, press Alt-Tab again to return to the game.
  • Check if the auto-sprinting issue persists.

6. Update Lethal Company. Ensure you’re running the latest game version.

  • Check for available updates for Lethal Company.
  • Download and install any updates.
  • Test the game for improvements.

7. Press a control key. Try pressing a control key, like right shift, while standing still. This may resolve the auto-sprinting issue when other solutions fall short.

8. Check keyboard and controller settings. Review settings in keyboard programs like Razer Synapse or ICUE.

  • Ensure no specific shift key settings trigger the auto-sprinting issue.
  • In Windows Settings, navigate to Ease of Access > Keyboard and disable Sticky Keys.
  • Test the game for any changes.

9. Contact Lethal Company Support. If all else fails, reach out to Lethal Company support for further assistance. They may provide additional troubleshooting steps or a fix for the auto-sprinting issue.

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