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How to Fix the Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug

In this guide, you’ll learn tested solutions for the Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug, ensuring smooth quest progression in your gaming journey.

How to Fix the Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug?

Here are some of the fixes you can try to fix the Last Epoch Keeper Vault bug.

1. Reunite with the old man. To fix the Keeper Vault Bug, return to where you first met the old man NPC at the entrance. There, you’ll find him waiting. Reuniting with him makes him resume following you, so you can keep progressing in the quest.

2. Speak to the NPC. After reuniting with the old man NPC, continue through the Keeper Vault. Look out for another NPC marked with a quest icon. Talk to this NPC to move forward in the quest line, ensuring smooth progression.

3. Walk back to the previous zone. A Reddit tip advises players to fix the Keeper Vault Bug by retracing steps to the previous zone and then returning to the Keeper Vault.

This can reset the NPC’s behaviour, helping them follow and interact properly, and enabling players to progress with the quest as intended.

4. Restart the game. Sometimes, just restarting the game can fix the Keeper Vault Bug. This easy solution refreshes the game state and can resolve underlying issues causing the bug. Exit the game completely and then reopen it to check if the bug is still there.

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