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6 Ways to Fix Kindle White Screen

This page covers all of the tested and proven solutions for how to fix it when Kindle displays a white screen.

Why is my Kindle Screen White?

Here are a few possible causes for your Kindle white screen issue.

  • Overloaded memory from large books or web pages can freeze the Kindle, leading to a white screen.
  • Low battery levels can trigger the problem, reducing the device’s functionality.
  • Physical damage, like a cracked screen or internal damage, can also result in the white screen issue.
  • The white screen issue may result from firmware issues or attempting to use unsupported features.

How to Fix the Kindle White Screen

There are a number of proven tech tips that can fix the Kindle white screen issue.

1. Restart your Kindle: Restart your Kindle by holding the power button for a few seconds. Release it when you see the screen flash.

2. Force Restart your Kindle: Force reboot your Kindle by holding the power button for about 15 seconds until the screen goes blank or a dialogue box appears, then press the power button for 40 seconds.

3. Charge your Kindle: If your Kindle doesn’t turn on, charge it for about 3 hours and then hold down the power button for 10 seconds to restart.

4. Factory Reset your Kindle: If your Kindle continues to face the same problem, a factory reset may be necessary. Keep in mind that after performing a factory reset, you’ll need to re-establish the connection with your Amazon account and re-download your books.

To factory reset your Kindle, swipe down from the home screen to open Quick Action or select Menu > Select Settings or All Settings > Device Options or select Menu > Reset > Yes to confirm

5. Update the Firmware: Updating the firmware might be necessary if your device is facing recurrent white screen problems due to outdated software. In this case, we recommend rebooting your Kindle and attempting a firmware update if the previous methods do not resolve the issue.

To update the firmware of your Kindle, tap on the Menu > Select Settings or All Settings > Update

6. Contact Amazon Customer Support: If the Kindle White Screen problem persists despite trying the previous fixes, it’s advisable to reach out to Amazon Customer Support.

Their specialized support teams are well-equipped to address Kindle-related issues and offer tailored assistance will help you resolve the problem.

To Contact Amazon Customer Support, visit the Amazon website or app. Login to your Account. Click on Your Account > Contact Us. You can either instantly chat with them or have them call you

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