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How to Fix Hinge Saying Too Many Verification Requests

This guide swiftly addresses common causes and provides effective solutions to resolve Hinge’s saying too many verification requests issue, ensuring a seamless Hinge experience without unnecessary disruptions.

Why Does Hinge Say Too Many Verification Requests?

Issues with too many verification requests on Hinge are typically caused by:

  • Incorrect entry of the linked phone number.
  • Inaccurate input of the verification code.
  • Excessive failed login attempts.
  • Possible bugs or glitches within the Hinge app.
  • Server-related problems on Hinge.

How to Fix Hinge Saying Too Many Verification Requests

Here are a few ways that can help you fix Hinge saying too many verification requests.

1. Phone number entry error. Enter the correct phone number linked to your Hinge account during login. Precision is crucial to avoid encountering this issue.

2. Incorrect verification code. Ensure the prompt and accurate entry of the verification code sent to your phone. Delays or repeated incorrect entries trigger the “Too Many Verification Requests” warning.

3. Too many failed login attempts. Wait a few minutes if you’ve exceeded the login attempt limit. Hinge may lock your account temporarily. Retry with accurate information to prevent recurrence. Avoid repeated failed attempts to prevent account lockout.

4. Bug/glitch with Hinge. Regularly updating and clearing the app cache helps maintain optimal app performance.

5. Issue with the Hinge app. In server-related issues, wait for the problem to be fixed rather than attempting repeated solutions.

Note: Contact Hinge customer support for assistance.

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