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4 Ways to Fix Helldivers 2 Personal Order Not Counting

Struggling to progress the “Kill 3 Chargers” Personal Order in Helldivers 2? You’re not alone. Many players are facing this bug where charger kills simply don’t count, leaving the order completion stuck at 0

What is a Personal Order?

Personal Orders are individual challenges in Helldivers 2, separate from the main mission objectives.

They offer unique tasks and rewards, like the coveted “Kill 3 Chargers” order.

Normally, you’d blast your way through three Chargers in various missions, and the order would update. But lately, things haven’t been so explosive…

Why Isn’t My Order Counting Charger Kills?

Several factors could be at play:

  • Bug: The most likely culprit. This issue seems widespread, suggesting a bug in the game’s tracking system.
  • Connection issues: A shaky internet connection or server problems can sometimes interfere with progress updates.
  • Programming error: There might be a specific error in the code for this particular order.

How to Fix the “Kill 3 Chargers” Order Not Counting

While there’s no guaranteed fix yet, here are some strategies to try:

1. Restart the game: Sometimes, a simple restart can clear temporary glitches. Give it a shot!

2. Focus on one mission: Some players report success by killing all three Chargers in a single mission. Though the counter might remain at 0, the order might still complete.

3. Update your game: Ensure you have the latest patches installed. Developers often fix known issues in updates.

  • Open Steam and navigate to the Library.
  • Select Helldivers 2 from the list.
  • Steam will search for updates automatically.
  • If an update is found, click on Update.
  • Wait for the update to finish.
  • Restart your PC to apply the changes.

4. Contact support: Head to the official Helldivers 2 website, submit a support request, and describe the problem. The developers might offer further assistance or provide an update on a fix.

Additional Tips:

  • Join the community: Check online forums or communities to see if others have found solutions. You might discover helpful workarounds or insights.
  • Be patient: The developers are likely aware of the issue and might be working on a fix. Stay tuned for updates!

Remember, even if the order counter doesn’t budge, completing it within the 24-hour time limit should still grant you the rewards. So keep blasting, Helldivers!

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