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3 Ways to Fix Helldivers 2 Infinite Loading Black Screen on Launch

Experiencing the following in Helldivers 2:

  • Black screen for a couple of seconds followed by the game quitting entirely.
  • Encountering an infinite loading screen.
  • Facing a black screen on launch.

This guide provides tested and proven solutions to fix the black screen issue on Helldivers 2.

Note: The fixes mentioned in this guide are compiled from fixes provided by players on Reddit and Steam community.

Why Helldivers 2 Black Screen Issue Occurs

Black screens on startup in Helldivers 2 are usually caused by:

  • Fullscreen settings in the user_settings.config file.
  • Corrupted user_settings.config file.
  • Borderless windowed mode not enabled.

How to fix Helldivers 2 Infinite Loading Black Screen

Here are the best solutions for how to fix Helldivers 2 black screen on startup:

1. Edit the user_settings.config file: Manually navigate to C:\Users[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Arrowhead\Helldivers2 on your PC. Locate the user_settings.config file and open it with a text editor.

Set fullscreen to false and save the changes. Make the user_settings.config file read-only to ensure the game launches in windowed mode.

Note: Remember to enable the option to view hidden files and folders to access the AppData directory in Windows.

2. Delete the user_settings.config file: Navigate to the same directory mentioned above. Locate the user_settings.config file and delete it.

Note: This action will reset your game settings to default.

3. Switch to borderless windowed mode: Before closing the game, switch it to borderless windowed mode. This change can prevent the black screen issue upon the next launch.

Computers with average hardware may encounter problems with fullscreen mode while running the game.

  • Open Steam and navigate to your Library.
  • Right-click on Helldivers 2 and choose Properties.
  • In the General section, select Set Launch Options.
  • Enter the command-line argument: -windowed -noborder.
  • Save your changes and relaunch Helldivers 2 to see if it starts properly.

You can switch back to fullscreen mode once the game has started.

With these solutions, you can resolve the Helldivers 2 black screen on startup and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

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