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10 Ways to Fix “Failed to Save Server Guide Invalid Emoji ID or Name” on Discord

‘Failed to save server guide: invalid emoji ID or name’ on Discord is a common hurdle that can disrupt your server management. This guide swiftly provides tested solutions and tips to resolve the issue and prevent its recurrence.

Why “Failed to Save Server Guide Invalid Emoji ID or Name” issue on Discord occur?

Server guide issues on Discord are usually caused by:

  • Lack of emojis in the server setup
  • Permission-related problems
  • Impact of server boost level loss
  • Discord’s default emojis vs. custom emojis confusion
  • Possible glitches in specific server sections

How to Fix “Failed to Save Server Guide Invalid Emoji ID or Name” on Discord?

Here are the best solutions to tackle the ‘Failed to save server guide: invalid emoji ID or name’ error.

1. Remove Emojis. Temporarily remove emotes from your server guide. Navigate to your server guide settings, locate the emotes, and delete or replace them.

Pro Tip: Consider removing emotes one by one to identify the problematic ones.

2. Add Emojis. Several users have reported that the error persists even when they are not using custom emojis. However, some have found success by incorporating emojis into their server setup.

Try adding emojis to different elements, such as channel names or permissions channels.

3. Troubleshoot Server Sections. Confirm whether the error is related to custom emojis or if Discord’s default emojis work fine.If the error occurs after losing a boost level, consider reconfiguring server sections without custom emojis.

4. Check your server’s boost status. If the server has lost a boost level, it might impact emoji functionality. Instead of custom emojis, try using Discord’s default emojis to see if the error persists.

5. Use Discord in a Browser. Access Discord via your browser for server guide updates. Browser usage sometimes resolves compatibility issues. Log in to Discord through your preferred browser, edit the server guide, and save changes.

6. Review Permissions. Check the roles and permissions for different users on your server. Review and set the appropriate permissions for each channel. Confirm that users have the necessary permissions to use emojis.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall Discord. Ensure you have the latest Discord version by reinstalling the application.

Warning: Save important settings and chat logs before uninstalling.

8. Create an Alt Account. Isolate the problem by creating an alternate account with mod privileges. Create a new Discord account, make it a moderator, and attempt to edit the server guide.

9. Server Reconfiguration. Delete unnecessary elements and channels, then set up the server again with new default permission channels. Set basic icons for each onboarding step or section.

10. Contact Discord support. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and you’re still having trouble saving server guide, contact Discord support for further assistance.

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