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Crackle App Not Letting Me Sign In? Try These 14 Fixes

Sometimes the Crackle app won’t let you log in no matter how many times you enter your username and password into the login field.

This page covers all the best ways to fix Crackle login errors, including problems associated with internet connectivity, Crackle accounts, app and operating systems, and more.

Note: The following tips on resolving problems with the Crackle app will fix the issues with Android and iPhone versions of the Crackle app.

Why Can’t I Log in to Crackle?

Crackle login errors are usually caused by internet connectivity problems or a glitch relating to the Crackle app or the device that it’s installed on. Using the incorrect username or password is also a common cause behind Crackle not letting you sign in.

How to Fix It When Crackle Is Not Letting You Sign In

Here are the top ways to fix Crackle login errors and glitches. It’s best to work through these solutions in the order written as they’re organized from fastest and easiest to more complex and advanced.

1. Turn off Airplane mode. Airplane mode disables all Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity and can prevent your device from connecting to the Crackle servers. You’ll find Airplane Mode in different places depending on whether you use Airplane Mode on an Android device or Airplane Mode on an iPhone.

2. Turn on or off Wi-Fi. If you’re using a smartphone, disable the Wi-Fi and use your cellular connection or vice versa. (Android, iPhone)

3. Check your username and password. Double-check your Crackle username and password. You may have accidentally made a typo when entering your login information.

4. Check your app. Double-check that you’re using Crackle. This seems like a simple tip, but you’d be surprised how often people open the wrong app by mistake.

5. Use another login method. Log in to Crackle via Facebook, Google, or Apple. It’s possible that you never even used a password and username to log in to Crackle in the past. Try each of these alternative login options and see if they work for you.

6. Fully close the Crackle app. Close, don’t just minimize, the Crackle app on your iPhone or Android device, wait a few seconds, and then re-open it again. Now try logging in to Crackle. (Android, iPhone)

7. Reset your Crackle password. On the Crackle login screen, select Reset Password to have a new password emailed to you. This also works when you can’t log in to Crackle through Facebook or Google.

Note: The link may be called Forgot your password depending on your device and app version.

8. Update the Crackle app. If none of the above login tips work, you may need to update the Crackle app on your device. Use the App Store to update the app on an iPhone or update the Android app.

9. Update your operating system. An out-of-date operating system may be impacted by a security issue that affects internet connectivity. Update your Android OS or update iOS on an iPhone.

10. Restart your device. Rebooting your Android or restarting your iPhone could fix your Crackle login problem.

11. Clear the cached data on Android. If you can’t log in to Crackle on an Android smartphone or tablet, clearing the cached data can help.

You can also reset cached content on your iPhone. Clearing the cached app data on an Apple device can fix many app login errors.

12. Uninstall and reinstall Crackle. Quickly delete the app from your iPhone or Android app and then reinstall it.

13. Use the Crackle web player. If your Crackle app is giving you issues, open an internet browser and access the web version of Crackle.

14. Contact Crackle support. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and you’re still having trouble signing in, contact Crackle support for further assistance.

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