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How to Fix CE-109573-5 Error on PS5

This guide offers tested solutions to fix the CE-109573-5 error on PS5 error and prevent future interruptions.

How to Fix CE-109573-5 Error on PS5

Here are effective solutions to resolve PS5 Error CE-109573-5.

1. Check the PlayStation network status. PS5 Error CE-109573-5 may result from PSN server maintenance.

To verify, check the PSN status.

  • Visit the PlayStation Network Service Status page.
  • Review the service status and wait if there’s an issue.
  • After server fixes, check for internet connection problems.

2. Connect to a hotspot/different Wi-Fi on PS5. To troubleshoot connection issues related to PS5 Error CE-109573-5, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi or your mobile hotspot.

  • Go to the PS5 homepage > Settings.
  • Navigate to Network settings.
  • Select Set up Internet Connection from the menu.
  • Choose your desired Wi-Fi network or scan for available networks.
  • Enter the password if prompted and check for errors.

3. Rebuild PS5 database. Rebuilding the PS5 database resolves drive-related issues affecting your games.

  • Hold the power button until the second beep to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Connect the PS5 DualSense controller via USB and pair it.
  • In Safe Mode, select option 5: Clear Cache and Rebuild Database.
  • Choose the second option: Rebuild Database.
  • Wait for completion; it typically takes a short time.

4. Update system software. If updating your PS5 didn’t resolve CE-109573-5, update your PS5 system software to the latest version. Sony regularly releases updates to address bugs and improve user experience.

To update your PS5 firmware.

  • Use USB or Internet methods.
  • Enable automatic updates in Settings > System > System Software Update.
  • Choose Update Using the Internet to check for and install updates.
  • Ensure your PS5 stays connected to the internet during the update process.
  • Verify your PS5 has the latest firmware and test if the error persists in Fortnite.

5. Delete and reinstall games. The game itself might be the issue. Deleting and reinstalling it is the only way to confirm. Though it takes time and internet bandwidth, it could resolve the CE-109573-5 error.

  • Access PS5 settings.
  • Navigate to Storage.
  • Choose Console Storage and go to Games and Apps.
  • Select the game from the list and press Delete.
  • After deletion, reinstall it.
  • Insert the disc if you own one, or access Game Library from the Home screen to redownload from Your Collection.

6. Contact PS5 support. Contact PS5 support via the PlayStation Official Website and select the relevant issue, such as the CE-109573-5 error code.

Ensure you inform support of the attempted solutions and the specific issue you’re encountering. This aids the support agent in identifying the root cause. Expect a response within 24 hours; if not, consider submitting another support ticket after 2-3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my PS5 say Can’t Start the Game or App?

Your PS5 may display this message due to improper shutdowns. Restart your console properly.

How do I fix error code ce-109573-5 on PS5?

Clearing your PS5 cache and rebuilding the database can fix error code ce-109573-5 on PS5.

What is Blue Light of Death PS5?

The blinking blue light indicates an issue but is unrelated to PS5 startup errors.

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