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13 Ways to Fix Bravo Not Working on TV But Works on Phone

Bravo not working on TV but works on a phone is a common problem that can manifest as blank screens, endless loading, freezes, no sound, or crashes.

This guide covers tested and proven solutions to get Bravo back on your TV, ensuring seamless streaming without any hiccups.

Why does Bravo Work on the Phone But Not on TV?

Common reasons for Bravo not working on your TV but working on your phone may include.

  • Out-of-date operating system
  • Out-of-date Bravo app
  • Internet connectivity problems

How to Fix Bravo Not Working on TV But Works on Phone

Here are the best solutions to get Bravo working on your TV again.

1. Check your Bravo plan. Make sure your plan allows for simultaneous streaming on multiple devices. If not, consider upgrading your plan.

2. Check your TV’s internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to try another app that also requires access to the internet. If your TV is experiencing internet connectivity issues on multiple apps, a router reboot could be the solution.

  • Switch off the router, disconnect it from devices and power.
  • Wait 3 minutes, then plug it in.
  • Wait for the signal, and reconnect to the internet.

3. Check Internet Speed. Ensure your Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable. Run an internet speed test to rule out bandwidth limitations. If possible, connect your TV via an Ethernet cable for a more reliable connection.

Note: Ensure your Wi-Fi speed meets Bravo’s minimum requirements

4. Restart the TV. If Bravo still isn’t working on your TV, try restarting the TV.

  • Power off using the remote or physical button.
  • Unplug for 60 seconds.
  • Plug in and power on to verify Bravo functionality.

5. Sign out and sign back in. Sometimes a simple re-authentication can fix account hiccups. Log out of Bravo on your TV and phone, then sign back in.

6. Update the Bravo app.  Download and install the latest Bravo app update. If you can’t see the Update option, you already have the latest version installed.

  • Check for updates in the TV’s app store or settings menu.
  • Install any available updates.

7. Disable VPNs and Ad Blockers. If you use a VPN or ad blockers on your TV, this could disrupt Bravo. Disable the VPN in your TV’s settings and turn off any ad blockers. After making these changes, restart your TV to apply the modifications.

8. Close unused apps. Just like on a phone or computer, having too many open apps on your TV can slow it down.

  • Open your TV’s app management or multitasking menu.
  • Identify and close any background apps to boost TV performance for smoother Bravo streaming.

9. Clear the Bravo app cache. The cache is stored data from past sessions that helps apps respond faster. A build-up of cache slows devices. Clearing it is healthy for both the device and the app.

  • Go to TV Settings.
  • Select the Bravo app.
  • Choose Clear Cache.

10. Check your device compatibility. Bravo may not be available on all devices. Check Bravo’s recommended TV brands for a smoother experience.

11. Uninstall and Reinstall Bravo. Uninstall the Bravo app from your TV, then reinstall it from your app store. This removes any corrupted data and ensures a fresh installation.

Caution: Before uninstalling, ensure you have your Bravo login credentials handy, as you’ll need to sign in again after reinstalling.

12. Update TV firmware. Ensure TV firmware is up-to-date for optimal performance.

  • Navigate to TV settings (usually under System or Support).
  • Look for an option to check for updates and install any available updates.
  • After updating, restart your TV to apply changes.

13. Contact Bravo support. If none of the above solutions work, report the issue to Bravo.

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