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0 Helldivers Active – Fixes from Reddit and Steam Community



  • Turning off certain stats may help reduce server load and improve overall stability while a solution is implemented.
  • Servers may not be displaying accurate player activity, so don’t be discouraged by the “0 Helldivers active” message.

Matchmaking in Helldivers is currently experiencing some technical difficulties, confirmed by the developers.

This means the usual methods of joining random players through SOS beacons, mid-match jumps, and quickplay are unavailable.

However, this doesn’t mean your squad is stranded!

Workaround Solutions

1. Join the Official Discord: The Helldivers official Discord server is teeming with thousands of active players eager to squad up. Hop on, find a group that suits your playstyle and difficulty level, and get ready to liberate planets!

Currently, players focus more on enjoying company than specific player attributes. However, it’s advisable to be mindful of the difficulty level when joining a team.

https://discord.com/invite/helldivers (official)



2. Friend Codes & Private Lobbies: Share your friend code on forums or social media to connect with other Helldivers directly. Fill your lobby manually and embark on custom missions tailored to your squad’s preferences.

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