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How To Find Profane Womb In BG3?

The Profane Womb is a destroyable item found in the Mind Flayers Colony. You’ll need to interact with Chop, save the caged brain, and defeat enemies in the Morgue area to access it.

What is the Profane Womb?

The Profane Womb is a large item found in the Underdark location known as the Mind Flayers Colony. Throughout the walkthrough, you’ll eventually have the opportunity to extract this material. You can either attack or destroy it.

While Profane Womb possesses no direct use, finding it is crucial to progress through the colony and unlock the Necrotic Laboratory.

How to Find the Profane Womb

Here’s how to find the Profane Womb in BG3.

1. Enter the Mind Flayers Colony:

  • Leap down the chasm after interacting with the Hollow Tower.
  • Meet with Ketheric Thorm and follow him into the Colony.
  • Prepare yourself for the dangers that await within.

2. Reach the Flesh Wrought Doors:

  • Listen to the Dream Visitor’s warnings about the dangers of the Colony.
  • Talk to Membrance to access the internal areas.
  • Encounter the passive Intellect Devourers and follow their path.
  • Open the Flesh Wrought Doors to enter the Morgue.

3. Explore the Morgue:

  • Investigate the Neural Apparatus and discover the imprisoned brain.
  • Choose to save the brain and take it with you.
  • Find the console and interact with it to spawn “Chop.”

4. Complete the Persuasion Check:

  • Discover Chop’s true nature and how he feeds on brains.
  • Agree to help Chop release the caged brain in the Morgue.
  • Use the provided tool to free the brain and receive the “Summon Us” item.

5. Search for the Profane Womb:

  • Collect the scattered helms to upgrade your inventory.
  • Prepare for battle against the Winged Horror, Death Shepherd, and a greater Zombie.
  • Defeat all enemies and claim the Profane Womb from their location.

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