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How To Find Helldivers 2 Robots And Beat Them

In this guide, you’ll learn essential strategies to locate and defeat the menacing robots, known as the Automatons, in Helldivers 2.

Explore the treacherous territories of Super Earth as you confront these relentless foes on your mission for survival.

Robots and Their Origin in Helldivers 2

The Automatons, intelligent machines armed with firearms and melee weapons, stand as formidable adversaries. These robots, with their insatiable appetite for destruction, hail from an enigmatic origin, their sole purpose seemingly driven by a disdain for freedom.

Encountering various types of Automatons reveals the depth of their arsenal. From laser-wielding standard robots to menacing melee units equipped with blades and chainsaws, each presents unique challenges in combat.

Ways To Find The Robots In Helldivers 2

The Automation Faction, home to the robots, resides within the red zone on the left side of the map, where they patrol the area. Deeper exploration reveals the presence of the main bosses.

Progressing in Helldivers 2 unveils two mission types: Protect Liberty and Destroy Automatons Operations, each featuring eight distinct robot types.

  • Trooper, Raider, Marauder: Standard robots armed with laser guns.
  • Commissar: A melee robot wielding a short-range gun and a sword.
  • Scout Strider: A long-ranged robot capable of simultaneous shooting.
  • Berserker: A charging melee robot.
  • Devastator: A high-level robot engaging in armed combat.
  • Hulk: A robot equipped with dual machine gun barrels.
  • Tank: A weaponized robot firing explosives.
  • Dropship: An aerial vessel releasing bombs with significant area-of-effect damage.

Ways To Beat Robots In Helldivers 2

Confronting these relentless adversaries demands preparation and skill. Follow these strategies to increase your chances of success.

Know your enemy. Take time to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns of each robot type you encounter.

Be precise with shots. Aim for the head to dispatch standard firearm robots and grenade-throwing units efficiently.

Use the right weapons. Employ appropriate weapons for the situation, such as grenades against groups of standard robots.

Stay calm and focused. Exercise caution and stealth to avoid attracting unwanted attention, utilizing surprise attacks when possible.

Team up. Consider partnering with other players to tackle challenging robot encounters, leveraging teamwork and coordination for victory.

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