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How to become famous without showing your face? 60 examples (2023)

There are many reasons why people choose not to show their faces. Some of them include:

  • they want to maintain a sense of mystery
  • they don’t want to be recognized in public
  • they have a condition that makes it difficult for them to show their face

However, there are only limited ways to become famous without showing your face. And social media offers you a sure-shot way to become famous without showing your face. 

In this article, we will provide examples of 50 youtube channels and 10 Instagram accounts that are successful without showing their face.

Can I  be famous without showing my face?

There are 100s of successful Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram channels that have millions of followers without anyone revealing their face.

With the advent of Metaverse, it becomes much easier to create a digital identity without revealing your face.

The only thing that matters is to share meaningful and quality content.

Following are some of the popular niches on Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube that don’t require you to show your face.

  • Food/Cooking
  • How to
  • Craft
  • Travel
  • Fashion 
  • Finance
  • Business

How to grow your Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube account without showing your face?

Following are some of the tactics used by creators to grow their account without showing their face. 

1. Combine Videos or Images

You can share your message by combining photos or videos with commentary. In youtube, sharing others videos may lead to removing your content due to copyright strike. To avoid this you can use “stock images” and “stock videos”

2. DIYs/Crafts

Doing DIYS and Craft videos can make you famous without showing your face. If you are passionate about this, it can be a great way to share your creativity to the world.

3. How To/ Tutorial videos

Doing tutorials on any topic is a great way to obtain followers.

4. Motivational Videos 

5. Audio Only content

6. Animation

7. Pet Videos

Tips to hide your face

Take good quality photos of yourself from far away or turn back to the camera

When posting photos of your outfit or jewelry, take good quality pictures and crop your head. You can show your hands because hands make a post more human.

Pose by hiding your face with your phone, hair, hand, a hat, an object, or sunglasses

Take flat lays to create a story

Take photos from above you (extend one of your arms above you to take a photo, or use a selfie stick or tripod)

Share photos of your customers or models wearing/using your products

Have a “signature prop” = something in your photos that appear often, like a color, an object, your hand, or even your pet:

How to become famous on Youtube without showing your face?

There are different ways in which people have become famous on Youtube without showing their faces. The best way to learn about it is by studying the videos of successful YouTubers who have done it without showing their face.

Become famous on Youtube without showing your face

You can then create a youtube channel based on your understanding of the tactics used by them.

In order to help you with the process, we are sharing a list of 50 youtube channels who become famous without showing their face.

S. No.Channel NameCategorySubscribersLink
3Angry PrashAnimation5.52MClick Here
4LumowellFitness & Workout729KClick Here
5InfobellsEducation & Entertainment Videos for Kids12.8MClick Here
6ViralBeDogs & Animal 2.01MClick Here
7Future TechTechnology, Gadgets, & Invention628KClick Here
8The Engineering MindsetEngineering Concepts2.08MClick Here
9Satoshi StackerBitcoin, Crypto & altcoins263KClick Here
10Bladed AngelAutomotive554KClick Here
117-Second RiddleRiddles, Puzzles, Detective stories & Optical Illusions4.1MClick Here
12Travel ThirstyStreet food from different countries7.38MClick Here
13Hebbars KitchenIndian veg recipes, Baking, Snacks, & Cooking tips6.37MClick Here
14LooperSecrets hidden in films, best-deleted scenes5.56MClick Here
15Bright SideTips, facts, tricks42.8MClick Here
16How to Draw and PaintStep by step & how to draw tutorials271KClick Here
17Mega DinosaursTop 10 dinosaurs, Jurassic park evolution277KClick Here
18BigtracktorpowerTractors, Farm equipment332KClick Here
19Venture CityDocumentaries297KClick Here
20Economics ExplainedCase studies on economics & politics1.62MClick Here
21SpillYoutube drama1.71MClick Here
22Andrea RomanTeachings of Abraham, Law of Attraction, Motivation229KClick Here
23Next Level LifeA side hustle, money, debt189KClick Here
24Natural CuresHealthy recipes, homemade remedies325KClick Here
25Mr.NightmareHorror/scary stories5.68MClick Here
26DestinyModern technology, bizarre places1.04MClick Here
27Mangold ProjectPiano/keyboard lessons567KClick Here
284 Ever GreenVariety of animal videos2.49MClick Here
29Dark skiesAviation history370KClick Here
30Amazing StockArtifacts, Archaeological finds652KClick Here
31Make Money MattWays to make money on youtube302KClick Here
32Mr.LuxuryRich lifestyle, Luxury items658KClick Here
33MustardCurious topics on vehicles1.25MClick Here
34FreeCodeCamp.orgPython, CSS, Mathematics5.09MClick Here
35Yummy food worldFood recipes931KClick Here
36What lurks belowSea creatures112KClick Here
37Young Entrepreneurs ForumBusiness ideas/plans727KClick Here
38TPSTop 10’s, NFL power rankings1.13MClick Here
39What IfWhat-If scenarios6.01MClick Here
40Mahir caveOrigami, paper planes581KClick Here
41Second ThoughtCurrent events, politics1.22MClick Here
42The Art of ImprovementSelf-improvement730KClick Here
43BestieHacks, Tips, Health4.12MClick Here
44WonderWhyGeographical videos767KClick Here
453D VR 360 videos360-degree videos, 3D videos2.24MClick Here
46Productivity gameAudiobooks482KClick Here
47Top 5sMysteries3.41MClick Here
48Tech GumboTutorials, reviews on technology1.2MClick Here
49ColdFusionArtificial Intelligence, Smartphones, Technology, & Business history3.29MClick Here
50Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellAnimation videos on science17.8MClick Here

How to become Instagram famous without showing your face?

As mentioned above, the best strategy to become famous on Instagram without showing your face is to study the instagram posts of people who have already done it.

Become famous on Instagram without showing your face

Here is a list of famous Instagrammers who are successful without showing their face.

S. No.Channel NameCategoryFollowersLink
1foodie.doeFood674kClick Here
2dr.patmaBiker1.2MClick Here
3theweddingblissWedding related1.1MClick Here
4catanacomicsComics3.2MClick Here
5alphafoodieFood1.1MClick Here
6elizabethpawleKnitting115KClick Here
7poochofnycDogs240KClick Here
8blogicomicsComics569KClick Here
9emeryandopalJewelry13.6KClick Here
10ohhioKnitting240KClick Here

How to get Tiktok famous without showing your face?

Most of the successful YouTubers and Instagrammers mentioned above have their own Tiktok channels where they share similar types of content without revealing their face. If you are able to follow the tactics used by the above influencers, then you can use the same tactics to become famous on Tiktok without showing your face.

Wrapping Up

Here, we discussed examples of different social media channels that become famous without showing their face. Hope you get an idea about doing the same.

Kindly let us know if you have any queries.

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