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Explosive Ballista Falconer in Last Epoch

In this guide, you’ll learn the ultimate strategy for mastering the Explosive Ballista Falconer in Last Epoch 1.0.

What Is Falconer In Last Epoch?

The Falconer, as the Rogue’s third mastery, epitomizes tactical finesse. With her trusty companion, the falcon, she blinds foes with its talons, creating an unstoppable synergy of strategy and savagery.

The Falconer’s unique skill set enables precise deployment of ballistas and traps. She possesses five skills.

Falconry. Embrace a dynamic combat style, commanding the falcon as an extension of your will.

Explosive Trap. Set up 8 traps with a 20% ballista chance and 50% mana reduction for explosive devastation.

Net. Immobilize foes with tactical precision, setting them up for relentless falcon strikes.

Aerial Assault. Unleash the full potential of your falcon, swooping down on enemies with lethal force.

Dive Bomb. Execute your foes with a powerful descent, leaving destruction in your wake.

Explosive Domination

The Explosive Ballista Falconer build in Last Epoch thrives on the synergy between traps and ballistas, enabling players to unleash precise and powerful destruction upon their enemies.

Strategically placing traps and activating ballistas triggered by explosive traps create a cascade of explosions, amplifying the build’s devastating impact.

Core Mechanics Explained

The three core mechanics include.

Ballista Spawn Chance. Maximize your ballista spawn chance to 160% with a 50% mana reduction.

Mana Management. Avoid Falcon Strike due to its high mana cost, preserving mana for ballista deployment.

Attack Speed & Damage. Enhance ballistas with up to 237% attack speed and double attack chance.

Building the Perfect Falconer

To optimize the Explosive Ballista Falconer’s effectiveness, players need to consider their skill tree and gear selection carefully.

Here’s the breakdown of the best build for the Explosive Ballista Falconer.

Skill Tree Optimization.

Prioritize nodes that amplify explosive trap damage, such as Armed Construction and Frigid Barrage.

Increase damage output and utility through damage type conversion and status effects.

Passive Allocation.

Invest heavily in dexterity nodes across various skill trees to boost ballista damage and critical strike chance.

Ensure survivability with defensive passives like Coordinated Fade and Silver Shroud, alongside movement speed enhancements.

Gear Selection.

Choose gear that complements your playstyle, focusing on reduced mana cost for throwing attacks and increased attack speed.

Look for affixes enhancing critical strike chance, damage, and defensive bonuses.

Prioritize critical strike avoidance and damage reduction against damage over time effects.

Transitioning between Skills and Passives.

Strike a balance between offence and defence, maximizing damage output while maintaining a sturdy defence.

Prioritize survivability in challenging encounters to unleash devastating firepower effectively.

Tips for Explosive Ballista Falconer Mastery

Here are some of the tips for the Explosive Ballista Falconer build.

Stat Distribution. Aim for 101 dexterity and a 100% crit chance on ballistas for a substantial crit multiplier.

Survivability. With over 2k HP, 44% dodge, critical immunity, and 46% endurance, your build will be tanky.

Utility Skills. Consider using Acid Flask to buff ballistas, enhancing both offence and defence.

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