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Does “~ On Bumble” Mean That User Has Not Opened App In A While

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about “~ On Bumble” and if that means that the user has not opened the app in a while.

Does The “~ On Bumble” Mean That The User Has Not Opened The App In A While

In straightforward terms, the “~ on Bumble” does not indicate that the user hasn’t used the app recently. Contrarily, it denotes that the distance displayed between you and another user is an approximation, not an exact measurement.

Here’s a breakdown of how Bumble handles location.

  • Bumble pairs users based on age and location, both of which are visible in a profile’s footer.
  • If you observe the “~ symbol” preceding the distance to a user, it implies that the distance is approximate, not precise.
  • Bumble dynamically adjusts location based on the user’s current position, which may lead to misconceptions about their app activity.

What Does “~” Mean On The Bumble Location

Bumble uses predetermined pinpoint locations, updating them only when the app is active on the user’s device.

Here’s a quick overview.

  • Bumble uses geolocation to estimate distances between users, displaying the “~” symbol during this calculation.
  • Your precise location is determined by your cellular provider’s geolocation feature.
  • Bumble’s distance range is customizable on a map, allowing users to modify criteria based on their preferences.

Why Does Bumble Sometimes Show Distance In Miles And Sometimes Not

Bumble’s display of distance can vary based on factors like geographical distance and user preferences.

  • In the United States, Bumble defaults to displaying distance in miles, while other countries might see distances in kilometres.
  • The app may occasionally show location without distance if a user is too far from a Bumble geographical landmark.
  • Users can enter Snooze Mode, hiding their location until reactivation, affecting distance visibility.

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