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40+ Easy DIY Headboard You Can Make in a Weekend or Less

If you’re seeking DIY headboard ideas to add the finishing touch to your bedroom, there are numerous quick and easy projects that can transform your space without straining your back or budget.

Explore these creative DIY headboard ideas featuring a variety of materials, styles, and skill levels for inspiration.

Dowel Headboard

The Merrythought’s dowel headboard is inspired by old spindle beds. It’s designed to be screwed into the existing bed frame for easy future changes.

Bohemian Headboard

A Designer at Home was inspired by leftover tiles to create this boho headboard. A walnut stain enhances the natural beauty of the plywood.

Wood Headboard

Little Bit Funky’s woven wood headboard is simple to make. Have the lumber cut to size at a home improvement store, weave the pieces together, and secure with wood glue.

Pillow Headboard

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s copper pipe headboard uses floor cushions for a comfortable and stylish look. The project requires a few materials and basic crafting skills.

Rustic Headboard

Lil’ Luna offers a farmhouse-style headboard project that doesn’t require advanced woodworking skills. With help, you can complete it in about eight hours using a miter saw and drill.

Minimalist Headboard

A Piece of Rainbow’s minimalist headboard and integrated bed frame are inspired by high-end retail models but made from Douglas fir for around $200.

Faux Brass Headboard

Transform a plain IKEA headboard into a glamorous centerpiece with this golden DIY from Sugar and Cloth. All you need is a roll of peel-and-stick metallic vinyl.

Light-Up Headboard

A Beautiful Mess’s light-up headboard, inspired by marquee signs, combines wood, paint, and Christmas lights to create a playful guest room feature.

Geometric Headboard

With just a miter saw, you can create this stunning geometric wood headboard from I Spy DIY. It’s easy to assemble, and once the glue dries, you’ll have a beautiful addition to your bedroom.

Jute Headboard

Create a boho-inspired natural fiber headboard with ease using matching jute placemats and table runners, as shown by Sarah Sherman Samuel. Simply staple them onto the wall for a quick transformation.

Channel Tufted Headboard

Brady from Style by Emily Henderson offers a stylish and easy headboard project. Using fabric, wood, a staple gun, and a few additional materials, you can craft this chic channel-tufted headboard, complete with a matching box spring cover.

Cedar Shingle Headboard

For just $10, you can make this cedar shingle headboard from East Coast Creative. It’s a perfect, inexpensive way to introduce farmhouse style to your bedroom.

Plywood Headboard

Minimalists will appreciate this simple plywood headboard by Mr. Kate. It’s easy to build with pre-cut lumber from your local hardware store, no woodworking skills required.

Faux Headboard

In less than an hour, you can paint a faux headboard like this one by Paper & Stitch. Use painter’s tape to create a crisp rectangle and bring a splash of color to your room.

Winged Headboard

Dorsey Designs presents a no-sew upholstery project using fabric, buttons, and brass nailheads to create a chic, winged upholstered headboard. The project costs around $140.

Macrame Headboard

House Sparrow Nesting’s macrame headboard brings textile art into your bedroom effortlessly. This project is a perfect introduction to macrame.

Live Edge Headboard

Classy Clutter’s live edge headboard is an easy woodworking project that can be completed in a few hours. The organic design is simpler to cut than a straight line.

Pegboard Headboard

Spice up your bedroom with a graphic pegboard headboard from Our Fifth House. Map out your design with painter’s tape and paint it. Add pegboard organizers for extra storage.

No-Sew Headboard

Cre8tive Designs offers a no-sew tufted headboard makeover. Using a staple gun, you can give an old headboard a chic new look.

3D Wall Panels

Sweet Parrish Place’s Lego-inspired headboard uses paintable 3D wall tiles. Customize it with your favorite paint color, string lights, or other accessories.

Woven Headboard

Mad in Crafts repurposes vertical blinds to create an oversized woven headboard, offering a budget-friendly alternative to similar retail versions.

Diamond Tufted Headboard

Make, Bake, and Love provides a diamond-tufted headboard tutorial with helpful DIY tips, such as using a broom to poke holes in foam.

Chevron Headboard

East Coast Creative’s chevron headboard mimics a $1,600 store-bought version. If you have basic woodworking skills, you can build it for under $100.

Cardboard and Fabric Headboard

Stacie on Flickr shows that fabric-wrapped cardboard can create an elegant headboard. It’s a simple and affordable DIY project.

Mismatched Doors Headboard

Fantastic Frank repurposes mismatched vintage doors for a double headboard with a weathered patina, adding character to a modern room.

Slipcovered Headboard

Annie Diamond from Most Lovely Things updates a West Elm headboard with a DIY slipcover using African mud cloth, offering a quick decor refresh.

Stained Pallet Headboard

Liz Marie Blog’s headboard, made from stained pallet wood and recycled molding, adds warmth to a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Virtual Painted Headboard

Vanessa Scoffier’s painted headboard at Hotel Henriette in Paris uses a wrap-around strip of neon yellow paint to create a non-committal focal point.

Double Doors Headboard

Vanessa Scoffier at Hotel Henriette uses bright blue double doors to add color and vintage style to a small bedroom, making the space feel larger.

DIY String Headboard

The Merrythought’s string headboard can be customized with your favorite colors, perfect for adding a personal touch to any bedroom.

Seat Cushion Headboard

Make a simple, budget-friendly headboard by hanging tufted seat cushions from a wall-mounted curtain rod. . Pair with wood pallets for an inexpensive bed frame.

Painted Plywood Headboard

Vanessa Scoffier’s geometric painted plywood headboard at Hotel Henriette creates an instant focal point with its playful design.

Barn Wood Door Headboard

Funky Junk Interiors’ rustic headboard uses reclaimed barn wood and faux hardware for an authentic look.

Midcentury Modern Headboard

DIY Candy’s midcentury modern headboard is an intermediate project that pairs well with a platform bed frame for a stylish look.

Wood Slat Headboard

The Merrythought’s wood slat headboard uses furring strips for a light, natural, Scandi-inspired feel.

Simple Painted Headboard

A Beautiful Mess’s simple painted headboard is an easy and budget-friendly project, perfect for renters or those seeking a temporary change.

Picture Frame Molding

The Merrythought’s picture frame molding wall feature acts as a headboard alternative, structuring the sleeping space and adding visual interest.

Coastal Headboard

Thistlewood Farms’ coastal kids’ room headboard maximizes space with integrated book storage and a coastal color palette.

Plywood Print Headboard

The Merrythought’s headboard features a plywood base with a blown-up vacation photo, adding a personal and meaningful touch.

Modern Farmhouse Headboard

My 100 Year Home’s headboard, made from an old door painted with milk paint, creates a modern farmhouse look with a “chippy” effect.

Twinkle Light Headboard

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz’s twinkle light headboard uses a wood pallet and string lights for a simple, budget-friendly option that’s perfect for kids or the young at heart.