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7 ways to contact Discord Customer Support

“How to call Discord?”

Discord does not have a public phone number that allows one to call and speak directly with Discord Help Center.

If you were just googling that question, though, you’re probably in need of urgent support from Discord.

Well, you’re not alone.

In the era of online support, we are accustomed to being able to get in touch with businesses with ease.

Online chats, email, and helplines are now the most effective and immediate ways to reach the companies whose services we rely on every day.

In the case of Discord, however, the situation is slightly different.

The process of contacting Discord may seem challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Let’s take a look at the best way to contact Discord support.

Use Discord Support Online Resources

Before directly contacting Discord, check whether queries similar to yours are answered earlier.

Discord Support is a comprehensive and frequently updated resource on everything related to Discord from onboarding Discord to deactivating your Discord account.

The good thing about the Discord Support web page is that you can access it for free, even if you are not logged in to Discord.

You can use Discord help panel to ask questions about the following topics.

  • Announcements
  • Discord Interface
  • Account Settings
  • Getting Started
  • Server Setup
  • Community Programs
  • Perks and Subscription
  • Billing
  • Trust and Safety

However, regardless of how comprehensive the Discord Support Center is, it is possible that it will not contain the answer to your queries or even your queries. 

In these cases, you might find the below-mentioned support channels beneficial.

Submit a Request Online to Discord Support

Submit a Request Online to Discord Support

In case your queries are unanswered, you can submit a separate request in the Discord Help Center. You can submit a request regarding these issues:

  • Help and Support
  • Hacked Account
  • Appeals and Age Update Requests
  • Billing
  • Bug Reporting
  • Translation Errors
  • File a DMCA Takedown Request
  • File a DMCA Counter Notification
  • File a Trademark Complaint
  • Creator Support
  • NSFW Server Owner Appeals
  • Contact Discord Privacy
  • Developer Compliance
  • Developer Support
  • Community Programs

You need to add your email address and a description of your query and submit it. 

Contact Discord Support Through the Report Link

The best way to report abusive content or spam on Discord is by using the Report link near the content itself.

For example, if you want to report a post or message on a server, you can follow the below steps.

  • Long press the message or post that you wish to report.
  • Click on Report.
  • Choose the reason why you want to report the post.
  • Provide further details if required.
  • Click on Submit to submit the report.
  • Keep in mind that your report is anonymous unless you’re reporting an infringement of intellectual property.
  • The account you reported will not be able to see who reported it.
  • You should also attach screenshots to get the best results.

Using the “Report” option is worthwhile if your issue is purely technical.

The problem with this method is that only logged-in users can use this option to contact Discord.

If you lose access to your account on this site, you must proceed to other methods of contacting Discord.

Contact Discord Support Through Email

From our research, the official email ID of Discord (support@discord.com) is available on the web to contact the Discord support team.

If it is a matter of priority, you can search on LinkedIn for someone working in the relevant department at Discord.

If their email id is available in their contact info, then you can reach out to them.

You can also use tools like RocketReach or Lusha to get their email address.

While sending them various messages may seem pushy and won’t help you achieve your goal, you may want to get involved in discussions with them or answer their tweets.

Even though this won’t guarantee you success, it might help you get your message across.

Contact Discord Through Twitter and Linkedin

Discord seems to have accounts on other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can tweet your problem to Discord’s Twitter account or mention them in your LinkedIn post.

Reach Out to Discord Community on Reddit

You can ask your specific queries on discussion platforms like Reddit.

They have an active community of users who answer queries related to Discord.

These are some of the Reddit communities where you can ask Discord-related queries.


Contact Discord Directly

If none of the above methods works out and your problem is still unresolved, as a last resort, you can try to contact Discord directly.

Draft a letter and send it to Discord Headquarters in the USA.

And here’s the Discord address you can use:

444 De Haro Street, San Francisco, USA


Contacting Discord customer service is difficult but not impossible.

You will almost always get an automated response or no response at all. Sometimes you will get lucky.

Hopefully, with our different ways to contact Discord support, you’ll find the right way to solve all of your Discord problems.

Good luck!


Does Discord have live chat?

Discord doesn’t offer live chat with support at the moment.

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