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8 Design Tricks to Make a Bathroom Look More Expensive

For interior designers, the challenge of elevating a bathroom’s appearance without breaking the bank is an opportunity for creative ingenuity.

While bathrooms can be costly to renovate, there are numerous techniques to achieve a luxurious aesthetic on a budget. Here are eight expert-approved strategies to make your bathroom look more expensive:

Thoughtful Accessorizing

Enhance your bathroom’s ambiance with carefully chosen accessories. Look for unique pieces like bath trays from independent vendors, which offer personalized options at affordable prices.

By supporting small businesses and artisans, you can add distinctive touches that elevate your bathroom’s style without exceeding your budget.

Embrace Simplicity

Less is often more when it comes to bathroom design. Ensure cohesion by coordinating textiles and curtains for a polished look.

Consider swapping out light fixtures and cabinet hardware for a quick yet impactful upgrade that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Statement Mirrors and Lighting

Invest in statement mirrors and lighting fixtures to add character and sophistication to your bathroom. Unique designs and interesting shapes can instantly elevate the space, making it feel more curated and luxurious.

Even on a modest budget, prioritizing lighting and mirrors can significantly enhance the bathroom’s ambiance.

Shift Your Perspective

View your bathroom as a retreat rather than just a functional space.

Treat it with the same attention to detail as you would a living room or dining area. Incorporate elements like interesting cabinetry, statement lighting, and decorative accents to elevate the overall atmosphere and create a sense of luxury.

Opt for Luxurious Tiles

Upgrade your bathroom’s design with luxurious tiles that exude elegance. Consider using high-quality tiles for the floor and a more affordable option for the walls to achieve a cohesive look.

Partial tiling around the bath and shower area can enhance the sense of luxury without exceeding your budget.

Invest in a Wow-Worthy Vanity

Make a statement with your vanity by selecting one with unique design features or an unexpected pop of color.

Whether it’s intricate cabinet doors or a bold paint choice, a standout vanity can instantly elevate the entire bathroom’s design and create a luxurious focal point.

Maintain Organization

An organized bathroom always appears more expensive. Invest in drawer organizers to keep counters clutter-free and maintain a tidy appearance.

Additionally, splurging on quality towels and a plush rug can enhance the bathroom’s luxurious feel without breaking the bank.

Choose Sophisticated Wallpaper

Selecting the right wallpaper can transform your bathroom’s aesthetic and add a touch of sophistication. Opt for high-quality, moisture-resistant wallpaper in subtle or bold patterns to create visual interest and enhance the sense of luxury.

By implementing these expert-approved strategies, you can effectively elevate your bathroom’s appearance and create a more luxurious ambiance without overspending. From thoughtful accessorizing to strategic lighting choices, these tips will help you achieve a high-end look that exudes style and sophistication.