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How To Defeat Stalker In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll learn effective strategies to defeat the elusive Stalker in Helldivers 2 and claim victory in challenging missions.

Defeat Stalker In Helldivers 2

Completing The Stalker Hive Mission In Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, numerous achievements await players, rewarding them with platinum, gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

There are 39 trophies in total, each tied to unique achievements.

Players can only earn one Platinum trophy, the Epitome of Super Earth, which requires unlocking all Helldivers 2 trophies.

Among these achievements is Stalking is Illegal, which awards a Bronze trophy upon completion of its mission—a Stalker Hive tactical objective.

What Are Stalkers In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, players face numerous bugs and engage in battles against them. Among these formidable creatures, Stalkers stand out as particularly cunning adversaries.

They excel at concealing themselves and striking at unexpected moments, posing a significant challenge to players.

1. Stalkers Changes Skin Color. In Helldivers 2, Stalkers are elusive creatures adept at camouflage, waiting for opportune moments to strike. They’re also referred to as Hunters or Lurkers.

Despite not being the most powerful, their intelligence and vigilance make them formidable adversaries. Their patience and unpredictability in attacks pose significant challenges to players.

2. Difficult To Spot Stalkers. Players are familiar with Stalkers from Helldivers, making them challenging in Helldivers 2. Spotting them is tough; they blend well.

Many players wonder how to achieve Stalking is Illegal. Complete the stalker hive objective and defeat the Stalker.

How To Defeat Stalkers In Helldivers 2?

When facing Stalkers in Helldivers 2, staying alert is crucial. Follow the guide below to defeat them effectively.

1. Listen to the sounds of Stalkers.

Stalkers prioritize mission objectives and Strategem beacons.

Upon spotting Helldivers, they leap onto players, attempting to hinder them with their poisonous attacks.

Although Stalkers’ poison does minimal HP damage, it exposes players to subsequent bug assaults.

Detecting these elusive foes poses a challenge, but by listening for their hissing and observing their leaps, you can anticipate their moves.

Their attacks emit growling sounds akin to Earth cats, allowing you to counter by targeting their direction and thwarting their tactics effectively.

2. Lure the Stalkers out.

If you’d rather not wait for the Stalkers to strike, try this trick: make noise and reveal yourself to draw them out.

Target their weak spot—the knee—when they attack. A hit to the knee will cause them to stumble, giving you the chance to close in and take your shot.

3. Catch Stalkers off guard.

When facing Stalkers in Helldivers 2, adopt an aggressive fighting style to gain the upper hand. Instead of being caught off guard, lure them out strategically.

Master their attack patterns to minimize their threat. Utilize your surroundings by setting traps or explosives to catch Stalkers off guard and gain an advantage.

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