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Helldivers 2: Defeat Every Automaton Enemy (Even the Tanks!)

The fight for Super Earth’s democracy takes a brutal turn as you confront the Automaton faction in Helldivers 2.

This mechanical menace throws a diverse range of enemies at you, each demanding unique tactics and coordinated teamwork. Building upon the insights from the previous guides, let’s delve deeper and craft the ultimate strategy to conquer the Automatons.

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Advanced Tactics for Each Automaton

Here are the advanced tactics for each automaton.

EnemyWeak Point(s)Recommended WeaponsAdvanced Tactics
Trooper, Marauder, RaiderHead, coverArmor-piercing weapons, grenadesFlush out with grenades, switch to armor-piercing weapons, target specific weapon types (cannons, launchers, machine guns) for bonus damage.
CommissarNone (prioritize)Offensive Stratagems, grenades, headshotsUse Stratagems to eliminate quickly, exploit cover and ranged attacks if direct confrontation is necessary.
Scout StriderLegs, exposed pilotFlamers, shotgunsCripple legs to immobilize, focus fire on exposed pilot at the rear.
BerserkerNone (exploit slow speed)Light/medium armor-piercing weapons, grenadesUse hit-and-run tactics, maintain distance, avoid close combat.
DevastatorRed core in chestFire-based weapons, Incendiary RocketsAim for the red core, use cover to avoid heavy attacks.
HulkVery slow movementPowerful armor-piercing weapons, Railguns, Orbital StrikesUtilize cover, unleash powerful weapons when opportunity arises.
Shredder TankWeak spot on back of gunAnti-Tank Guns, coordinated flankingDistract tank, flank to expose weak spot, use Anti-Tank Guns for maximum damage.
Annihilator TankHeavily armoredOrbital Strikes, Hellfire RainPrioritize Stratagems due to heavy armor.
DropshipEngineRecoilless Rifle, area-of-effect StratagemsTarget engine for quick takedown, use Stratagems to eliminate disembarking troops.
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Recapping the Essentials

Prioritize Dropships: These aerial reinforcements spawn more enemies. Take them down swiftly with Recoilless Rifle shots to the engine or deploy area-of-effect Stratagems to eliminate disembarking troops.

Shield Up: Automatons pack a punch. Employ Ballistic Shields or Shield Generator Packs, and utilize defensive Stratagems like Shield Dome for added protection.

Teamwork Triumphs: Coordinate your attacks, cover each other’s flanks, and revive fallen comrades. Communication and cooperation are key.

Know Your Enemy: Each Automaton has distinct strengths and weaknesses. Exploit these vulnerabilities for efficient takedowns.

Beyond the Basics

Environmental Awareness: Utilize the environment to your advantage. Lure enemies into choke points, funnel them through narrow passages, and use explosive barrels for strategic detonations.

Master the Stratagems: Each Stratagem offers unique tactical benefits. Experiment and find the combinations that work best against specific enemies or situations.

Class Synergy: Choose Helldiver classes that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. A balanced team with diverse skill sets is more adaptable and resilient.

Remember, Helldivers thrive on teamwork, adaptation, and a dash of strategic brilliance. So, lace up your boots, grab your comrades, and prepare to defend democracy from the mechanical menace!

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