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How to Fix Dead Cells Uncaught Exception Error

This guide provides tested and proven solutions to fix Uncaught Exception errors on Dead Cells.

Why Dead Cells Uncaught Exception Error Occurs

Uncaught exception errors in Dead Cells are usually caused by:

  • Corrupted save data
  • DLC interactions triggering errors
  • Incompatible game settings

How to Fix Dead Cells Uncaught Exception Error

Here are the best solutions to fix the Dead Cells Uncaught Exception error.

1. Start a New Run on a Different Save Slot. Many players have reported success by starting a new run on a different save slot. Instead of using the “Continue” option from the menu, try selecting “Normal Mode” or “Custom Mode.”

This method has worked for numerous players and might reset your progress but could potentially resolve the uncaught exception error.

byu/ArkVictor from discussion

2. Copy and Delete Save Data: To fix corrupted save data, copy your save data to another slot, then delete the original slot data.

byu/floogle101 from discussion

3. Adjust Game Settings: Disable Steam Cloud synchronization in Options/Gameplay to prevent save file conflicts. Go to Options/Gameplay and deselect “Activate Steam Cloud synchronization“.

4. Run as Administrator: Run Dead Cells as an administrator to bypass certain permission issues. Right-click the Dead Cells shortcut > Run as administrator.

5. Verify Game Files: Verify the integrity of game files through the Steam library to identify and fix any corrupted files. Steam Library > Dead Cells > Properties > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

6. Troubleshoot DLC Interactions. Temporarily disable DLCs to see if they’re causing the error. Avoid quitting the game in DLC biomes to prevent triggering the error. Settings > DLC > Disable.

7. Reinstall the Game. If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall Dead Cells to ensure a clean installation.

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