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Is Saving Dammon From Being Dead In BG3 Possible?

This comprehensive guide will give you all the details to understand why Dammon is dead in BG3 and, more importantly, how to prevent this predicament.

Who Is Dammon In BG3?

Dammon, an Asmodeus tiefling, serves as the infernal mechanic in BG3, contributing significantly to essential missions and shaping future events.

Operating as a weapons and engine craftsman, Dammon doubles as a merchant offering various items, from Crossbows to Helmets.

Discover his locations across different acts and understand his role in specific missions, such as the Hellion Heart mission with Karlach as a companion.

Why Is Dammon Dead In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Players are reporting Dammon’s unexpected demise at the Last Light Inn in Act 2, causing a ripple effect throughout the game.

This not only disrupts the Karlach storyline but also hinders players from acquiring unique items.

A bizarre Ox, appearing in jelly form, is the alleged obstacle behind Dammon’s demise.

The gaming community has been vocal about this issue, attributing it to a minor bug.

Save Dammon From Being Dead

To rescue Dammon from the clutches of the Strange Ox in Act 3, follow these steps.

1. Head to the Last Light Inn. Locate Dammon in the open hall of the forge within the Last Light Inn, passing through Reithwin Tollhouse and Ruined Battlefield. Prepare for a battle between Dammon and the Strange Ox.

Note: Ensure your characters have Misty Step and ranged weapons for instant hits.

2. Beat the strange Ox. Engage the Strange Ox in the open hall, making Dammon invisible using the second character after deploying Misty Step. Execute critical hits, employ passive attacks, and leverage class abilities to drain the Ox’s health.

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