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How to Create Characters in Helldivers 2?

Character Creation is your chance to craft a unique soldier in Helldivers 2.

You can customize their look and gear to reflect your personality and combat preferences. Unleash your creativity with different helmets, armors, capes, and more!

Character Creation Requirements

Unlock War Bond: This is where you’ll find all the customization goodies. Earn medals by completing Operations and Orders to unlock it.

Gather Samples: Explore missions to find Research Samples, which unlock new skins. Right-click to extract them, don’t destroy them!

Collect Requisitions: Earn these by completing missions to buy Stratagems, a special currency for purchasing skins.

Creating Your Character in Helldivers 2

Crafting your character in Helldivers 2 is straightforward but requires attention to detail. Follow these steps:

Hunt for Samples: As you play missions, keep an eye out for Research Samples in their designated tabs. Explore different locations to find them all.

Extract Wisely: Remember, right-click to extract samples, not left-click! Left-clicking destroys them, leaving you empty-handed.

Earn Stratagems: Complete various missions to rack up Requisitions, which you can exchange for Stratagems. Use these to buy cool skins for your armor, guns, and more!

Medal Up: Unlocking the War Bond requires a certain number of medals. So, suit up, soldier, and complete Operations and Orders to earn them!

Welcome to the War Bond: Once you’ve unlocked it, you’re ready to unleash your creativity! Explore the War Bond’s vast selection of outfits and skins to personalize your soldier.

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