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7 ways to contact Payoneer

Do you face any problems with Payoneer?

Do you need urgent support from Payoneer?

If so, this is the right guide to find out different ways to contact Payoneer. In this guide, we will discuss the following ways to contact Payoneer.

1. Use Payoneer Support online resources

2. Visit Payoneer Community

3. Payoneer Contact Number

4. Send Message to Payoneer

5. Live Chat with Payoneer

6. Contact Payoneer Support through Twitter/ Facebook

7. Contact Payoneer Support through Email

We will discuss each of these methods in detail below.

Use Payoneer Support online resources

Before directly contacting Payoneer, check whether queries similar to yours are answered earlier.

Payoneer Support Center is a comprehensive and frequently updated resource on everything related to Payoneer from onboarding Payoneer to deactivating your Payoneer account.

You should use the Payoneer support webpage as the first point of contact before trying other support channels to contact Payoneer.

However, regardless of how comprehensive the Payoneer Support Center is, it is possible that it will not contain the answer to your queries. In these cases, you might find the below-mentioned support channels beneficial.

Visit Payoneer Community

Before directly contacting Payoneer, you can also check relevant forums in Payoneer Community to find out whether queries similar to yours were answered earlier.

There are already countless answers in the forum since it is a few years old. You can select queries based on topic and subtopic. If you have not got the required solution, you can publish a question and wait for answers from other Payoneer users.

Payoneer Contact Number

You can contact Payoneer Customer Support by phone. Payoneer has helpdesks for all the major countries in the world.

Support by phone is free. Please be aware that domestic/international telephone charges may apply depending on the customer’s telephone plan used.

Follow the below steps to find Payoneer Contact number of your country.

Visit Payoneer Customer Care link.

Click on “Call us”

Now you can see the list of countries which has Payoneer helpdesk. You can click on your country.

Now you can see the phone number. Before calling the helpdesk, make sure you have your customer ID with you.

Send Message to Payoneer

You can send a message to Payoneer informing your problems. Good thing about this method is that you don’t need to login to Payoneer to send messages to Payoneer Customer Care.

Follow the below steps to send message to Payoneer.

Visit Payoneer Customer Care link.

Click on “Send Message”.

Contact payoneer customer care

Choose your language

Enter basic details such as name and email address. You have to provide the same email address that you used while creating an account on Payoneer.

Now select the topic. You can choose sub-topics within the topic.

Describe your problem.

Add attachment.

Prove that you are not a robot by clicking on captcha.

Click on Submit.

You will receive a response from the Payoneer customer helpdesk team on your email.

Live Chat with Payoneer

Payoneer also provides you with an option to Live Chat with them. Follow the below steps to Live chat with Payoneer.

Login to the Payoneer Customer Care link.

Choose the category.

Contact payoneer Live Chat

Specify the subject.

Click on Submit to start a live chat with Payoneer.

Contact Payoneer Support through Twitter / Facebook

Payoneer provides active customer support on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can reach out to them on Twitter or Facebook to get your issue resolved.

Contact payoneer through Twitter

Payoneer’s Twitter account is https://twitter.com/Payoneer_Help

Payoneer’s FB page is https://www.facebook.com/Payoneer

You can tweet your problems to Payoneer’s Twitter account. They will connect with you and open their DM. Once they have opened DM, you can DM them about their issue. You can do it on FB as well.

Contact Payoneer Support through Email

You can contact Payoneer support through their email id at customercare@payoneer.com


How to get prepared for contacting Payoneer support?

Before contacting Payoneer, you should keep your customer ID ready. It is better to have access to your registered mail id as well. This is because most of the messages will be sent to your registered mail id. You can also keep screenshots of errors and have all the data and evidence handy and documented.

How long does it take to receive an answer from Payoneer support?

Several factors can affect how quickly Payoneer responds. On working days, the response time is generally twenty-four hours (Enquiries submitted overnight may take a little longer to respond). However, you should keep following up with them to get your issue resolved.

Wrapping Up

Contacting Payoneer customer service is difficult but not impossible. You will almost always get an automated response or no response at all. Sometimes you will get lucky.

Hopefully, with our different ways to contact Payoneer support, you’ll find the right way to solve all of your Payoneer problems. Good luck!

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