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5 tested ways to contact OpenAI or ChatGPT Customer Support with Response Times

5 tested ways to contact OpenAI or ChatGPT Customer Support with Response Times

“How to call OpenAI?”

OpenAI does not have a public phone number that allows one to call and speak directly with consultants.

That’s why we did our research to find out the most effective ways to reach OpenAI’s support team.

We used all the methods of contacting OpenAI’s customer support and put them to the test.

We wanted to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of how each method works and which one is the most reliable.

In this post, we’ll share our results, insights, and recommendations to help you get the support you need from OpenAI.

So, let’s take a look at the best ways to contact OpenAI support.

S. No.Methods to Contact OpenAI or ChatGPT Customer SupportType of Queries AnsweredResponse Time
1Get answers from OpenAI Help CenterCommon QueriesImmediate
2Contact OpenAI Customer Service via chatCommon QueriesImmediate
3Reach out to OpenAI community on Reddit (Unofficial)Any types of QueriesMostly 1-2 days.
4Use OpenAI contact emailsAny type of QueriesWeeks/Months
5Contact OpenAI via TwitterAny type of QueriesNo Response

Get answers from OpenAI Help Center

In many, many cases, help centers are helpless. Despite their name, they are often outdated or provide little value. Fortunately, this is not true of the OpenAI Help Center, which is regularly updated with knowledge.

OpenAI Help Center is an extensive and regularly updated resource on the use of the platform.

Use the help panel if you have any questions, as it is a true treasury of basic and advanced information about how to use the platform.

You can access it for free, 24/7, even if you are not logged in to OpenAI. You can still use this support channel even if you have billing or API related.

As well as many pages explaining how the platform works, the Help Center includes an FAQ section.

OpenAI users often face a wide variety of problems, so the most commonly asked questions have ready-made solutions.

Upon clicking on a topic of interest, you will be redirected to the solution page. At this point, you may already be able to find the answer you want.

It is very easy to navigate through the Help Center. The site contains a lot of useful resources, solutions to specific issues, and answers to common questions.

Prior to reaching out to other support channels, you should use the Help Center as your first step.

However, regardless of how extensive the Help Center is, it may not contain the answer to your question. Below are some other suggestions you might find useful in such a situation.

Contact OpenAI Customer Service via Chat

If you have any issues with OpenAI services, you have the option to reach out to them via chat.

You can reach OpenAI by selecting the chat bubble icon in the bottom right corner of help.openai.com.

OpenAI Customer Service via Chat

Reach out to OpenAI community on Reddit

You can ask your specific queries on discussion platforms like Reddit.

They have an active community of users who answers queries related to OpenAI.

These are some of the Reddit communities where you can ask OpenAI-related queries.

Use OpenAI contact emails

Additionally, there are a few email addresses you can use to contact OpenAI support.

The majority of the time, you’ll receive an immediate reply from an autoresponder, but you may also receive a real response from a OpenAI consultant as a follow-up.

Here are the ones most likely to work – keep in mind, though, that they may be deactivated over time and new ones could appear instead.

Contact OpenAI via Twitter

OpenAI seems to have accounts on social media sites like Twitter. But we don’t think you will get a reply from them as we don’t see them answering users queries through Twitter.

Anyways, you can tweet your problem to OpenAI’s Twitter account.


What is the best way to contact OpenAI or ChatGPT Customer Support?

Based on our research, the best way to get your queries about OpenAI or ChatGPT answered is through asking on any of the active Reddit communities as mentioned in the article.

What is the response time of OpenAI or ChatGPT Customer Support?

The response time of OpenAI or ChatGPT customer support varies. OpenAI has reached 100 million users within a few months of launch. Naturally, they might not have the bandwidth to support this growth. So, you can expect a turnaround time of weeks, if not months.

Will I get a faster response if I am a paid user of OpenAI?

Based on our research, earlier OpenAI used to provide priority responses to paid users. But now, the number of paid users has also increased. Many of the paid users are not even getting response from OpenAI now.openai customer support paid users

Wrapping Up

Contacting OpenAI customer service is difficult but not impossible. You will almost always get an automated response or no response at all.

Hopefully, using these methods for contacting OpenAI support, you’ll be able to find the right method to solve your OpenAI issues. Best of luck!

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