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How To Complete Have Your People Talk To My People Quest

In this guide, you’ll uncover the essence of the “Have your people talk to my people” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Is Have Your People Talk To My People In Dreamlight Valley?

Have Your People Talk to My People” holds significant importance in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players are entrusted with the vital mission of fostering bonds among the cherished denizens of Dreamlight Valley.

Additionally, they must extend warmth and hospitality to the respected culinary duo, Remy and Emile.

How To Complete Have Your People Talk To My People Quest?

Completing the “Have Your People Talk to My People” quest is essential for players, offering immediate rewards and long-term benefits. Here’s a guide to completing the quest.

1. Initiate with Mike. Start by locating Mike Wazowski in the Meadow to kickstart the quest and emphasize the importance of friendship in Dreamlight Valley.

2. Gather materials. Heed Mike’s instructions and collect the required materials:

  • 50 Softwood Lumber
  • 30 Iron Ingots
  • 10 Glass

Explore Dreamlight Valley to gather resources from trees, rocks, and the beach.

3. Acquire resources. Venture across the valley, chopping trees for Softwood Lumber, mining rocks for Iron Ore, and collecting sand for Glass at Goofy’s Stall.

4. Craft the Bridge. Return to Goofy’s Stall with all materials and utilize the crafting station to construct the bridge, following Mike’s specifications to foster bonds between residents and visitors.

5. Inform Mike. Update Mike about the completed bridge in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Express gratitude for their efforts and strengthen the friendship by speaking directly with Remy and Emile.

6. Interact with Remy. Visit Chef Remy in the Sunlit Plateau and engage in conversation. Share the story of the bridge and the warm welcome extended by valley residents.

7. Report back to Mike. After conversing with Remy and Emile, return to Mike to update him on the progress. Receive commendations for fostering friendship and delight in the newfound connection.

8. Claim your reward. Receive friendship points and other in-game rewards as tokens of appreciation from Mike. Additionally, unlock new content related to the “Ratatouille” storyline for further adventures.

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