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How to Complete Fort Condor Stage 4 in FF7 Rebirth

In this guide, you’ll master FF7 Rebirth’s Fort Condor Stage 4 with smart moves and determination.

What Are The Fort Condor Stages In FF7?

In FF7 Rebirth, Fort Condor presents strategic battles across four stages, each with unique challenges. As players progress, the difficulty ramps up, requiring adaptive strategies and resource management for base defence.

Here’s what to expect in each stage.

Stage 1: Introduction

Encounter basic enemy units and familiarize with troop deployments. Grasp fundamental mechanics and manage the ATB gauge.

Stage 2: Escalating complexity.

Encounter a wider variety of enemy units. Experiment with formations and adapt strategies.

Stage 3: Heightened challenge.

Face aggressive enemy approaches and formidable bosses. Adopt an offensive stance and leverage trebuchets strategically.

Stage 4: Ultimate test of prowess.

Confront relentless enemy waves and formidable bosses. Prioritize base defence and adapt strategies dynamically for victory.

How to Complete Fort Condor Stage 4 in FF7 Rebirth

To emerge triumphant in Stage 4, follow these steps.

1. Assess enemy composition. Analyze enemy waves and identify powerful adversaries.

2. Prioritize base defense. Deploy Vanguards and Enforcers strategically to hold the front lines. Utilize ballistas or trebuchets near base entrances.

3. Leverage trebuchets. Strategically bombard the boss to weaken it significantly. Protect trebuchets by deploying nearby units.

4. Adapt troop deployments. Adjust troop deployments based on enemy composition. Deploy units effectively to counter enemy types.

5. Utilize cleric support. Deploy Clerics strategically for healing and ranged attacks.

6. Deploy hero units strategically. Deploy Hero Units like Cloud and Barret strategically to turn the tide. Utilize Cloud’s defense and Barret’s ranged attacks effectively.

7. Monitor boss weaknesses. Keep an eye on the boss’s weaknesses and adjust strategies accordingly.

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