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Common Dragon’s Dogma 2 Problems and Fixes

Common Dragon's Dogma 2 Problems and Fixes

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll address some of the most common Dragon’s Dogma 2 issues and provide solutions to help you get back into the game swiftly.

Crashing on PC

1. Try Basic Fixes first.

2. Remove every file or hook related to DLC unlockers.After you get it to launch you can try re-installing to tinker around and see what works and doesn’t, or just play the game

AMD Crash Fix

AMD has released a new driver (AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.3.1) to support Dragon’s Dogma 2. Ensure you update to this version.


1. Go to Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > find or add DD2 > Shader Cache Size > change to Unlimited

2. If you are using a dual Nvidia / Intel GPU, follow these steps:

i. Install the latest Intel integrated drivers
ii. Reboot your PC
iii. Go to Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > find or add DD2 > Power Management Mode > Set it to ‘Prefer Maximum Performance’ / ‘High Performance Processor’ instead of ‘Adaptive‘.

Character Creation Error (Fatal D3D error (25, DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG, 0x887a0006))

Try capping the framerate lower and lower until your crashes stop. If that doesnt work, try a windowed version with a lower resolution. Do the basic fixes for crashing as well.

Also, if you have a NVIDIA 3000-4000 series GPU, try power-limiting your GPU to around 70%. This disables the on-card NVIDIA overclocking. 

Texture/Floor Missing

Go to your games installation folder and find DD2.exe > right click > Properties > Compatibility > run this program in compatibility mode. You can also disable fullscreen optimizations and run the program as administrator, if required.

Performance Boost Tips

If anyone wants to get a pretty significant performance boost with very little visual impact, consider using the application on Steam called: Lossless scaling.

It has a built in frame generation feature which works on any hardware.

If you decide to use the app make sure to turn on the LSFG feature, turn on draw FPS, and lock your fps to half your monitor refresh rate and it should work perfectly.

Low FPS Drops on PC

Basic Fixes



Game crashes when you try to choose a skill at the Inn

1. If you’re in a borderless window, try swapping to fullscreen.

2. Manually save before changing your skills.

Progress Lost?

Warning: If you have your cloud save turned off because you wanted to re-edit your character/pawn in the beginning and have yet to turn it back on yet. BACKUP YOUR SAVES NOW!

RTX 40 series GPU Performance Improvement

Increase FPS rates with DLSS 3 enabler

DD2 Frame Generation for any RTX card (20XX/30XX)


PS5 Fixes

Crashing on PS5Basic Fixes
Black Screen on PS5Basic Fixes
Stuck on Loading Screen on PS5Basic Fixes

Refund Dragon’s Dogma 2

1. Go to Steam’s Help Center and log in.

2. Click on Purchases, then select the game you want to refund.

3. Choose “I would like a refund” under “What issue are you having with this purchase?”

4. Click “I’d like to request a refund” on the next page, and choose refund method.

5. Select the reason as the “Product is not as advertised” option and explain in short that you still weren’t able to properly play what you just bought.

6. Confirm details and submit the request.

Does Steam Allow Refunds if a game is played more than 2 hours?


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