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How To Change Player Card In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll learn how to change your Player Card in Helldivers 2 seamlessly.

Whether you’re looking to personalize your profile or showcase your achievements, mastering this feature is essential.

Change Player Card In Helldivers 2

What Is the Player Card In Helldivers 2?

Your Player’s Card in Helldivers 2 serves as your ID, containing details of your in-game progress.

When others visit your profile, they see your stats, progress, achievements, and preferences.

Building your profile is essential for showcasing your journey and accomplishments in the game.

How To Obtain a Player Card In Helldivers 2?

Obtaining a player’s card isn’t difficult; you’ll naturally acquire it as you progress through the game.

Player cards vary in rarity and cost, with some being harder to obtain and requiring purchase.

There are three ways to obtain the Player Card in Helldivers 2.

1. Helldivers Mobilise Battle Pass.

The Helldivers Mobilise Battle Pass tracks quest completion progress.

Obtain Player Cards by unlocking the battle pass with medals or purchasing them using medals.

Each Battle Pass page features at least one Player Card, so complete missions, earn medals and use them wisely.

2. Steeled Veterans Rewards.

The Super Citizen Pack in Helldivers 2 features Steeled Veterans Rewards among its offerings, akin to a secondary battle pass, offering diverse rewards such as player cards and more.

However, unlocking it necessitates players to purchase the player card from the reward section using earned medals.

3. Mission Completion Rewards.

Helldivers 2 offers a vast array of missions and operations, providing ample opportunities to earn rewards.

Completing missions not only yields medals but also occasionally grants skins, titles, and player cards.

While these items may be rare, they’re still obtainable as you progress through the game.

Ways To Change Player Card In Helldivers 2

To change your player card in Helldivers 2, you need to have it in your inventory. If you don’t have it, it will remain as default.

Ensure you obtain a player card to showcase your achievements. To change your Player Card.

  • Go to the Armory on your ship (left side from the bridge).
  • Click on Character in the Armory section.
  • Select the Player Card option.
  • Choose from the player cards you’ve obtained to display in your profile.

Obtaining Medals In Helldivers 2

Earning Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2 is straightforward—they’re rewarded for completing all missions.

Before selecting a mission, you’ll see the number of Warbonds you’ll earn upon completion.

You can exchange Warbonds for medals, unlocking a range of rewards within the game.

To get your hands on a Player Card, focus on earning medals and unlocking them through battle passes.

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