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Chamber Of Vessels In Last Epoch

In this guide, you’ll uncover essential strategies to conquer the Chamber of Vessels in the Last Epoch, facing off against the formidable Majasa and her loyal priestess, Apophis.

Chamber Of Vessels In Last Epoch

The Chamber of Vessels, found in the Last Epoch, serves as the climactic setting of Chapter 9. Here, players confront Majasa, the Nagasa Queen.

Within its depths, Majasa’s devoted priestess, Apophis, conducts a ritual to unleash the dark power of Orobyss, corrupting Majasa with void magic.

To reach the Chamber of Vessels, players must progress through The Upper Temple and The Lower Temple as part of the main quest.

Defeat Majasa In The Chamber Of Vessels

Majasa transitions through two phases. The first demands precise positioning and swift reactions. Beware as her aggression escalates in the second phase.

Her primary threat is the Stone Stare, capable of petrifying after four stacks; evade her gaze at all costs. In phase one, prepare for fire, lightning, and poison assaults, along with summoned projectiles.

Phase two intensifies with physical damage and armor reduction, necessitating high resistance and a means to cleanse the Stone Stare debuff.

Defeat Apophis in the Chamber of Vessels

Apophis emerges in the background, casting harmful spells and bolstering Majasa.

Watch out for Apophis’s dark portal, spawning damaging void tendrils. Move to destroy the portal or avoid the tendrils.

Be wary of Apophis’s devastating void beam, causing massive damage and petrification. Dodge it by hiding behind pillars or jumping over it.

Apophis can enhance Majasa’s attacks with void magic. Interrupt this process by damaging either Apophis or Majasa.

Maintain a balance between offense, defense, and focus on both enemies. Use your abilities and items wisely to withstand their onslaught without becoming overwhelmed.

Survive In The Chamber Of Vessels In Last Epoch

The Chamber of Vessels is a complex dungeon filled with traps, foes, and hidden paths. To progress, locate four keys scattered throughout the dungeon to unlock the boss arena where Majasa and Apophis await.

These keys are concealed in various sections, requiring puzzle-solving and mini-boss battles to obtain. Ensure strong resistance to enemy assaults and methods to dispel curses and ailments.

Be mindful of your surroundings to avoid triggering traps like pressure plates or sensors. Utilize skills and items like Teleport, Smoke Bomb, or Dynamite to neutralize traps.

Success demands a well-planned strategy, patience, and unwavering determination.

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