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Why Can’t I See Someone’s Snap Score?

In this guide, you’ll learn the reasons behind why you can’t see someone’s Snap Score.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Snap Score?

To see the snap score of someone on Snapchat, both of you must be mutual friends. They need to add you back, just like on Facebook.

If you’re removed from their friend list, Snapchat hides their snap score from you. It could also mean they blocked you or deleted your account.

Here’s what might be happening.

1. They have unadded you.

If someone unadded you, you won’t see their snap score. You’ll only see their Bitmoji and username, but no snap scores. Your snaps won’t be delivered until they add you back.

Note: Always check your search results; if you can add them again, you’ve been unadded.

2. They haven’t added you back.

You won’t see their snap scores if they haven’t added you back. Snap scores are visible only to mutual friends. You won’t see any of their activities until they add you back.

3. Snapchat is down.

Sometimes, Snapchat malfunctions are there. Check if it’s down for others too. Visit Snapchat’s Twitter support or use downdetector.com.

4. Force close the app.

Glitches can happen due to corrupted data or app idling. Force close Snapchat to reset it. (Android, iPhone)

5. They have blocked you.

You won’t see their snap score or any activity if you’re blocked. You won’t find their account when you search. Test with a different account to confirm.

Note: You’re likely blocked if you can’t see their Bitmoji and snap score.

6. You can’t see the snap score of a public figure.

Similar to regular users, public figures hide snap scores from non-friends. You can re-add them without waiting for approval.

How To Know If Someone Removed You On Snap

When blocked or removed on Snapchat, no notification is sent, a common practice on social media. Snapchat gives clues: their snap score reflects activity like sent/received snaps, stories, streaks, and friends.

If you see their snap score, you’re still friends; if not, you’re likely removed. Trying to add via username confirms removal.

In chat, the pending status shows no mutual friends. Check your friends list; if they’re there, you’re not removed; if not, you likely are.

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