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Bumble Symbols and Meanings

Bumble uses various symbols and icons to help you navigate the app and interact with other users. Understanding these symbols can significantly enhance your Bumble experience. Here’s a quick guide to the most common Bumble Symbols and their meanings.

Bumble Symbols and Their Meanings

1. Spotlight (Black Star in a Yellow Circle or White Star in a Yellow Circle).This signifies the Spotlight feature, elevating your profile to potential matches ahead of others.

Tip: Bumble Premium users get one free Spotlight per week. Additional Spotlights can be purchased based on your preference.

2. SuperSwipe (Black Star in a Yellow Hexagon or White Star in a Yellow Hexagon). SuperSwipe expresses a special interest in a profile beyond a regular Like, potentially increasing your chances of a match.

3. Compliment (Yellow Heart inside a Black Comment Icon inside a Yellow Circle). Highlight a specific detail you like about their profile with a personalized compliment, sparking conversation.

Tip: After using the initial three free compliments, additional ones can be purchased

4. Verified Profile (Blue Badge with a White Star in it). This badge indicates Bumble has verified the user’s identity through photo verification.

5. Swipe Right (Black Tick in a Yellow Circle). Like a profile by swiping right. If they swipe right on you too, it’s a match!

6. Swipe Left (Black X in a Yellow Circle). Not interested? Swipe left to pass on a profile.

7. Travel Mode (Travel Bag in a Blue Circle). This premium feature allows you to see and match with users in another location, perfect for planning trips or expanding your dating pool.

8. New User (“New Here” Text on a picture). This label shows someone recently joined Bumble. It disappears after a while.

Symbols At The Bottom Of The Bumble App Screen

1. Your Profile (Human Silhouette). Access and edit your profile information, photos, and settings.

2. Best Bees (Diamond with a Star in it). This curated list features profiles Bumble believes are compatible with you based on your preferences and swiping habits.

3. Swipe Window (3 Horizontal Lines). This is where you see potential matches and swipe left, right, or SuperSwipe on them.

4. Heart Icon. Likes You – See users who have swiped right on your profile.

5. Chat Icon. Conversations & Matches – View all your conversations and matches.

6. Match Queue Circles. The yellow and gray circle around a matched profile picture indicates the time remaining to initiate a conversation before the match expires. Red Circle indicates Match about to expire.

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