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How to Boost Helldivers 2 FPS for Nvidia GPUs

This guide provides tested and proven solutions to boost FPS in Helldivers 2 on Nvidia GPUs.

General Tips to Boost Helldivers 2 FPS for Nvidia GPUs

Disable Windows Fullscreen Optimization: This simple tweak can yield a small but noticeable FPS boost.

Update Nvidia Drivers: Ensure you’re running the latest drivers (currently 551.61) for improved stability and potential performance gains.

Address Gameguard Issues: If you face stuttering, delete the “gameguard” folder in your game directory and verify file integrity through Steam.

Change Helldivers 2 In-Game Settings to Boost FPS for Nvidia GPUs

While tweaking in-game settings may seem like an obvious step, it’s worth revisiting them to ensure you’ve optimized for performance without sacrificing too much visual fidelity.

  • Render Resolution: Leave it at native for the best visuals.
  • Depth of Field & Bloom: Disable them for a ~5% FPS boost and a cleaner look.
  • Shadow Quality: Lowering this gradually improves performance (each step ~2% gain).
  • Particle Quality: Set to medium to avoid massive drops during automaton encounters.
  • Reflection Quality: Low offers minimal visual impact but saves ~6% FPS.
  • Space Quality: Use low for consistent performance, especially on weaker GPUs.
  • Screen Space Global Illumination & Volumetric Effects: Disable them for a combined ~10% FPS boost without major aesthetic changes.

Supercharge with NVIDIA NIS

For those still seeking a performance boost, activating Nvidia NIS can provide a significant FPS increase while maintaining visual fidelity.

  • Enable NIS: Go to Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > helldivers2.exe > Activate Image Scaling.
  • Adjust Sharpen Filter: Keep it low (0-10%) to avoid visual artifacts.
  • Activate NIS In-Game: Due to a game bug, follow these steps:
    1. In Nvidia Control Panel, change resolution to a lower value (85% recommended).
    2. Apply the change, making your desktop resolution lower.
    3. Launch Helldivers 2 and choose borderless/fullscreen mode.
    4. Change in-game resolution to match your lowered desktop resolution.
  • NIS Indicator: Look for a green NIS logo in the top left corner. Blue indicates an issue.


Tips to Improve FPS on Nvidia GPU

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