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How To Battle Against The Tanks In Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll master the art of facing off against the formidable tanks in Helldivers 2, enhancing your skills and strategy for intense battles ahead.

Battle Against The Tanks In Helldivers 2

Destructive Tanks in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 returns with an enhanced arsenal and fiercer enemies, intensifying the battlefield experience.

Prepare for heightened intensity as players strive to dominate the battlefield through concerted effort.

Introducing formidable new enemy weapons, Helldivers 2 now includes tanks, imposing heavily armored vehicles that pose significant threats.

Encountering these powerful tanks during missions presents a daunting challenge to players.

Summoning Tanks In Helldivers

In the original Helldivers game, players could summon mechs and tanks to aid them in battles, each available once per mission.

Summoning tanks provided a significant firepower boost and increased mobility, allowing players to dispatch enemies more efficiently.

Moreover, tanks were repairable, ensuring they remained operational throughout the battle, serving as invaluable assets until the mission’s conclusion.

How To Battle Against The Tanks In Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 introduces a new twist, pitting you against the menacing tanks rather than granting you control over them.

Prepare to face two distinct types of enemy tanks: the Shredder Tank and the Annihilator Tank, each posing unique challenges.

1. Defeat Shredder Tank in Helldivers 2.

The Shredder tank, with its thick armor and formidable melee weapon, poses a serious threat on the battlefield, capable of dealing devastating damage to players in both close and long-range encounters.

Like any formidable foe, the Shredder tank has a weak spot, located at its back. Focus your attacks there to bring them down swiftly.

Utilize powerful orbital strikes from above to deal significant damage to the tank, but exercise caution to avoid the ensuing explosions. Keep your distance to evade harm.

2. Defeat Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2.

The Annihilator Tank looms as a formidable war machine, instilling fear in those who face it.

Protected by thick armor plating, it appears impregnable at first glance.

Yet, players possess techniques and tactics to overcome their defences, utilizing powerful explosives and strategic manoeuvres.

Grenades and heavy weaponry prove effective against the Annihilator Tank but expect a relentless battle that demands preparedness.

Success hinges on teamwork and coordination, essential for defeating the Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2.

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