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B27 Fortified Commando Helldivers 2

In this guide, you’ll discover essential insights into the B27 Fortified Commando Armor Set in Helldivers 2, offering crucial details and considerations for your in-game strategy.

Understanding Armor Types in Helldivers 2

Choosing the right armor in Helldivers 2 greatly affects your battlefield performance in the fight for Super Earth. Your selected armor enhances mobility and protection while offering passive perks like extra grenades and increased survival chances.

Helldivers 2 features three armor types, each with similar stats tailored to its category.

  • Light Armor. Enhances mobility but offers less damage resistance.
  • Medium Armor. Provides moderate damage resistance with some mobility trade-offs.
  • Heavy Armor. Offers maximum damage resistance but reduces stamina and recovery.

Overview of the B27 Fortified Commando Armor Set

Consists of Helmet and Armor pieces available for purchase in the Superstore. Features an Armor Rating of 138, Speed of 463, and Stamina Regen of 059.

The armor’s passive padding boosts its armor rating significantly. Costs 400 Super Credits for the armor and 200 Super Credits for the helmet.

Insights into B27 Fortified Commando Armor

Reduces recoil by 30% when crouching or prone. Provides 50% damage resistance to explosives. However, it may currently suffer from a bug that affects its functionality.

Should You Equip the B27 Fortified Commando Armor Set?

It’s advisable to wait until the reported issues are resolved. Comparisons suggest it may not perform as expected compared to similar armor sets.

Until the bug is fixed, it’s prudent to avoid using the B27 Fortified Commando Armor in Helldivers 2.

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