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25 Affordable Small Pool Ideas

Dreaming of a backyard oasis but worried a pool will burst your budget? Don’t despair! With some creativity, you can bring a refreshing dip to your home without breaking the bank.

Here’s a splash of inspiration with affordable small pool ideas to fit your space and style:

Think Outside the Box

  • Stock Tank Pool: This trendy and budget-friendly option utilizes a galvanized metal stock tank. It’s perfect for a quick cool down and adds a touch of rustic charm to your yard.
  • Shipping Container Pool: Recycle and revitalize your space with a converted shipping container pool. While requiring professional installation, it offers a unique and modern aesthetic.
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Above Ground with Extra Wow

  • Deck it Out: Elevate your above-ground pool by building a surrounding deck. This creates a more polished look and additional lounging space. Consider using gravel for a cost-effective patio option.
  • Water Features: Add a touch of luxury with a small waterfall or fountain. The sound of cascading water instantly transforms your pool into a tranquil escape.

Small Space, Big Impact

  • Plunge Pool: A compact in-ground pool perfect for dipping, lounging, or enjoying a refreshing soak. They’re ideal for smaller yards and can even be incorporated into patios.
  • Lap Pool (DIY!): For the fitness enthusiast, consider a DIY lap pool. While above-ground options exist, a semi-in-ground approach can be surprisingly affordable.
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Design on a Dime

  • Neutral Colors: Opt for classic pool colors like white or light blue. These timeless options won’t go out of style and create a sense of spaciousness in a smaller pool.
  • Lighting Magic: String lights or solar-powered spotlights add ambience and allow for evening dips.

Remember: No matter your pool choice, consider adding safety features like fencing and proper pool covers.

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With a little planning and these affordable ideas, you can turn your backyard into a cool and inviting escape, perfect for summer fun without breaking the bank!