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Acquire Your Golden Guppy Companions in the Last Epoch

In this guide, you’ll learn how to acquire the Golden Guppy, a cherished companion in Last Epoch 1.0.

Unlock Golden Guppy In Last Epoch

If you’ve already purchased the Last Epoch, you’re in luck; no additional steps are required. Early Last Epoch adopters received a special gift: the Golden Guppy.

As an early owner, you’ll find the Golden Guppy ready to join you as a fancy companion. To unlock the Golden Guppy, head to the cosmetics section in the main menu. Select “Pets” to discover your beautiful Golden Guppies.

Two stunning Golden Guppies await your retrieval to accompany you in the game. Obtain these Golden Guppies as pets in Last Epoch and journey together with them.

Significance Of Golden Guppy Duo In Last Epoch

Once unlocked, journey with the Golden Guppy Duo through Eterra, where Ettera, a significant NPC, awaits.

Head to the Eterra golden statue to enlist the Golden Guppy Duo as your companions.

Additionally, encounter Juvenil Skullen alongside them. These radiant aquatic allies aid in battles, including the Last Refuge quest, and assist in gathering loot.

How Do You Obtain The Golden Guppy Duo?

For newcomers to Last Epoch, rest assured that obtaining the Guppy Duo is straightforward. Pre-order opportunities for the Golden Guppy Duo are still open, so secure your copy of the game promptly.

Besides the base game, players can acquire their legendary Golden Guppy Duo. Choose from three editions of Last Epoch: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

Visit Last Epoch’s official website to select the package that suits your gaming style. Every edition grants access to the Golden Guppy, regardless of your choice.

After pre-ordering Last Epoch, navigate to the cosmetic tabs and toggle the pet option to unlock them effortlessly.

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