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31 Interesting Apple Vision Pro Use Cases, Hacks and Tips

Get ready to see the world anew and unleash the hidden power of the Apple Vision Pro!

Here are all the interesting use cases, and hacks of Apple Vision Pro compiled from Twitter, Reddit etc.

1. Hello World 🙂

2. You can bring apps windows really close to you, and interact with them like it’s an iPad within reach.

byu/GTA2014 from discussion

3. To force close an app, Press and hold the Digital Crown and the top button at the same time. The Force Quit Applications window will appear. (Source)

4. You can open multiple windows on Apple Vision Pro.

5. Can’t find the theatre experience everyone is talking about? That’s because you have to use the Apple TV app. This means that although 3D movies like Avatar 2 can be played for free with your Disney subscription, you’d need to buy it in the Apple TV+ app to get the option. The option is on the top left environment icon menu.

6. Here is an alternative unlocking method using the Apple Watch to authenticate the user.

7. Using the Tesla App in Apple Vision Pro.

8. If you’re getting an Apple Vision Pro soon and want to make content about it, follow Apple’s guidelines on how to capture high-quality footage from Vision Pro for 2D sharing. The built-in recorder will give you blurry footage due to foveated rendering.

9. If your Apple Vision Pro is turned on and you don’t use it for 24 hours, the device shuts down automatically. If Apple Vision Pro has turned off, press and hold the top button for three seconds to turn it back on.

10. Draw to code on Vision Pro.

11. While wearing Apple Vision Pro, place the battery in a comfortable location close to your body, like in your pocket. (Source)

12. Use Travel mode for on-the-move usage!. Here are more travel tips and tricks on travel with Vision Pro.

byu/hughred22 from discussion

13. How to reply on the Apple Vision Pro.

14. Use the dual loop band instead of the solo knit band – it is significantly more comfortable and takes a ton of pressure off of your forehead and nose.

15. When scanning (or rescanning) your face for your Persona, try to face a window that is well-lit but not direct sunlight. Also, when you get to the step of raising your eyebrows, make sure not to look up at the same time – this causes your eyes to be too wide open. (Source)

16. Here is how to use Vision Pro for household tasks. 🙂

17. Just use your eyes and the pinch gesture for the keyboard entry. It’s significantly more accurate than trying to press the keys, and it’s also faster. Dictation is even better and faster, but there will be situations where you won’t want to use dictation.

18. 33 years before Apple Vision Pro. Today, however, the technology has taken a quantum leap. This old video shows us how much.

19. Tired of having to click the Digital Crown to get to the Home Screen? A lazy way to bring the Home Screen up is to look and launch the control center and click the Home Screen icon.

20. Recalibrate your vision tracking by clicking the action button 5 times in a row.

21. Use Siri as much as possible.

byu/GTA2014 from discussion

22. The Passthrough camera is very sensitive to surface marks and fingerprints. Keep the wipe cloth handy for the best passthrough experience. (Source)

23. Say to Siri, “Close all apps” to quickly close all open apps. (Source)

24. To hide all apps and make the current app as your only focus, pinch and hold on the X under the current app, then select hide other apps. (Source)

25. You can speed-scroll through apps.

byu/GTA2014 from discussion

26. When entering a text into a field, if you stare at the cursor and pinch and hold, you can move the cursor back and forth. If you double-pinch, you can select text.

27. When you’re editing something that you’ve written and want to insert words, stare at the place where you would like to insert, and then pinch, the cursor will jump to that spot. (Source)

28. You can easily move windows by holding and pinching the handlebar beneath them, then dragging and releasing

byu/GTA2014 from discussion

29. In the IMAX app, pinch your finger to bring up controls when viewing your video, and then press the sofa icon to switch between front, middle, and back rows. (Source)

29. To re-center everything towards the direction you are facing, press and hold the digital crown. (Source)

30. If someone is FaceTiming you and shares their screen, the shared screen will appear in a separate window. (Source)

byu/GTA2014 from discussion

31. In Safari, if you stare at the microphone icon in the address bar, it will automatically start listening without you having to pinch. (Source)

If you want more tips and tricks, kindly refer to the Vision Pro tips and tricks thread posted on Reddit.

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