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6 Ways to Fix Ehviewer Parse Error

This guide provides tested solutions for resolving the EhViewer Parse Error, along with tips to prevent its recurrence.

How to Fix The EhViewer Parse Error

Here are the best solutions to tackle the EhViewer Parse Error.

1. Update the app. Check for the latest app version in Settings > About > Check for updates. Download and install the update from the app’s GitHub page, ensuring it matches your device (arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, or x86_64).

2. Clear cache and data. Try clearing the app’s cache and data, which will delete all the temporary files and settings stored by the app.

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps or Applications > EhViewer.
  • Tap on Storage or Storage & cache.
  • Select Clear cache and Clear data or Clear storage, confirming the action.
  • Restart the app and log in again if necessary.

3. Use a different network or a VPN. Switch to an alternative network or employ a VPN to overcome potential network-related issues.

4. Check the app’s settings. Verify the accuracy of the website’s domain and cookie in Settings > Advanced > Website domain and Settings > Advanced > Cookie.

Default values are e-hentai.org and exhentai.org for the website domain and ipb_member_id and ipb_pass_hash for the cookie.

5. Enable save HTML content. Allow the app to save HTML content in a folder named parse_error.

Retrieve the logcat using [MatLog] or [aLogcat] or connect the device to a computer using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Send the logcat and parse_error folder to the developer for analysis and potential future fixes.

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